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🚨 Remember Their Sacrifice – June 06 2024


Happy Thursday. 

Today is the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, the largest military operation in history. It should be a day to remember the horrific costs of war and reaffirm our commitment to peace but global leaders are exploiting the day it to reaffirm their commitment to war. Shame on them.

Photo credit: Imperial War Museum

In Case You Missed It. 

🇮🇱 Israel bombed a school in Gaza where they claim “the compound was occupied by Hamas and GAP terrorists.” Dozens of people are reported to have died.

🛒 Ikea is hiring people to work in their Roblox store.

🏥 A children’s hospital in Canada has paused all tonsil and adenoid surgeries after two patients died from the procedure in a month.

🧬 Scientists say they have discovered a cause of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and it has to do with a DNA “weak spot.”

🚀 Space X is planning a launch in Texas today.

✖️ X, formerly Twitter, may soon launch a video feed platform to compete with TikTok.

🇪🇸 Spain will join South Africa’s case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) accusing Israel of genocide in the Gaza Strip.

🎭 A restaurant in Missouri does not serve men under 35 or women under 30 because they say they want to “avoid drama.”














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Lead: How Will Russia Respond?

Photo credit: Sputnik

As NATO leaders gather to commemorate D-Day, they continue to ramp up plans to escalate a war with Russia.

NATO leaders keep repeating that Russia is planning to attack first. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin called that notion “bullshit.”

“Look, someone has imagined that Russia wants to attack NATO. Have you gone completely insane? Are you as thick as this table? Who came up with this nonsense, this bullshit?” Putin said.

“Why is this being done, really? To maintain their own position of greatness, that’s why. There’s nothing to these scary stories, intended for the townsfolk in Germany and France and elsewhere in Europe,” Putin explained.

But what if Russia is hit first? The Russian President said that he is planning “asymmetric” responses.

“If someone deems it possible to supply such weapons to the war zone, to strike our territory… why shouldn’t we supply similar weapons to those regions of the world, where they will be used against sensitive sites of these countries? We can respond asymmetrically. We will give it a thought.”

Foreign policy expert and author Gilbert Doctorow says that this would begin with “a massively destructive attack on Kiev.” He joins us today on Redacted to discuss this.

Bird Flu Lab Leak?

Photo credit: USA Today

Did the current strain of bird flu come from a lab leak? A new study suggests that is the case.

Bird flu as we know it is very rarely transmissible from human to human but we are being told that bird flu may have mutated. If it has indeed mutated, is that a sign that the current strain is a gain of function manipulation? That is exactly what this study suggests.

The WHO says that the first human has died from the latest strain of bird flu in Mexico.

Stop me if think you’ve heard this one before.

Now health experts are saying that the U.S. should be PCR testing for bird flu even as recent court rulings in Europe show that Covid PCR tests were highly faulty.

We will discuss this with Dr. Kelly Victory on today’s live stream of Redacted.

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Israel's Foreign Interference

Israel has spent $2 million in a psyop campaign to drum up support for its war in Gaza, according to the New York Times. The campaign uses ChatGPT to targeted dozens of U.S. politicians and citizens in order to “foster support for its actions in the war with Gaza."

The campaign is run by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and managed by Stoic, a political marketing firm in Tel Aviv, according to NYT.

"At its peak, it used hundreds of fake accounts that posed as real Americans on X, Facebook and Instagram to post pro-Israel comments. The accounts focused on U.S. lawmakers, particularly ones who are Black and Democrats, such as Representative Hakeem Jeffries, the House minority leader from New York, and Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, with posts urging them to continue funding Israel’s military.”

This is foreign interference folks. It is not supposed to happen. We freak out when we think Russia may have done it but does anyone care to stop it if is done by Israel? Probably not because the U.S. does the exact same thing in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and other places.

News By The Numbers

Photo credit: NY Post

$13.19. That was the tip that Hunter Biden tried to leave for the gun store clerk who sold him the gun he purchased illegally in 2018. The clerk refused it out of principal. This was part of the salacious testimony on display at Hunter Biden’s trial on Wednesday. It’s shocking.

8,010. That is how many episodes of Wheel of Fortune that Pat Sajak has hosted, earning him the Guinness Book of World Record for longest-running host on the same show. His final episode is on Friday when he retires at the age of 77.

$3.75-15. That is how much New York City had planned to charge cars for driving in midtown in a “congestion pricing” scheme. The plan was scrapped by New York Governor Kathy Hochul because she said that it will hurt the economy.

What's Trending?

Photo credit: Getty Images

Amanda Knox is trending because she was re-convicted of slander in Italy. She allegedly blamed an innocent man for the murder she was blamed for. The conviction would require a three-year prison sentence but she already served four years so she is not expected to face any additional prison time.

“Nigel Farage milkshake” is trending because the politician had a milkshake thrown at him while leaving a pub this week. The woman who threw it has been charged with assault.

Alien: Romulus is trending because of this new trailer for the film, due to be released in August.

Dating: You've Gotta Keep Trying

Photo credit: Ian Miles Cheong

The government of Japan has launched an official dating app in a bid to boost falling marriage and birth rates.

The birthgap crisis is worse in Japan, one of the earliest countries to acknowledge this in the modern world. This was documented in the harrowing documentary Birthgap. According to reports, ''last year, Japan recorded more than twice as many deaths as new babies."

In an effort to get couples to start families, the government launched an official dating app that will use official ID to authenticate users. It will also require a tax filing to verify salary.

Some have wondered if a government should be doing this with tax dollars but without people, there will be no government or tax dollars. They've gotta do something! Maybe they should offer incentives such as a tax-free year for any couple that gets and stays married using the app! What do you think?


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