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🚨 Sabotage – September 29 2022


Happy Thursday.

There is a new M&M character named Purple. Mars will donate $1 to Sing for Hope if you watch her debut video here. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🌀 Hurricane Ian has moved inland and is expected to produce storm surge up the Eastern seaboard through Friday. Millions are still without power. 

🎤 Rapper Coolio died on Wednesday at the age of 59 from unknown causes. 

🏀 LeBron James is buying a Major League Pickleball team. 

🚨 U.S. regulators fined big banks $1.8 billion because their staff was discussing deals and trades on private messaging platforms.

🪖 40 NATO countries met yesterday to ramp up weapons production and deployment to Ukraine.

🇷🇺 Russia's Kalashnikov rifle manufacturer just increased production by 40%, according to a company statement. 















*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00am ET. .


The Lead: All Signs Point to U.S. Sabotage

credit: Danish defence ministry

There is a fourth leak in the Nord Stream Pipeline, according to the Swedish coast guard. This is a major ecological crisis and clearly, somebody did it on purpose. 

The fourth leak was found on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline near the first rupture that was found on Tuesday. Gas has been spewing into the Baltic Sea all week. 

Who did this and who had something to gain by it happening?

Russia had the most to lose, having spent $11 billion to build it. The gas that's currently bubbling to the surface is worth close to $1 billion dollars alone. Russia also loses its leverage over the EU during a war in Ukraine. That leverage is now gone. Germany and Europe will also lose out on receiving affordable gas at a time when they desperately need it. That leaves Western interests like the U.S. and NATO. When asked about this, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was cagey. 

“The leaks are under investigation. There are initial reports indicating that this may be the result of an attack or some kind of sabotage, but these are initial reports and we haven’t confirmed them yet. But if it is confirmed, that’s clearly in no one’s interest,” he said on Wednesday.

The White House also dodged the question yesterday. When asked about US involvement in the eco-terrorist attack, spokeswoman Jeanne-Pierre dodged the question by reminding us to invest in renewable energies like wind and solar. 

U.S. President Biden had warned that the U.S. would not let this pipeline serve its function. So did American diplomat Victoria Nuland. German officials said the U.S. CIA had warned them of a catastrophe on the pipeline. These are many clues pointing to U.S. involvement. 

German citizens had been protesting to pressure their government to turn the pipeline on but they won’t get the option. Some say it will be months before it will be operational and definitely not in time to be of any help this winter. 

Lights Out For Europe

credit: reuters

The energy crisis in Europe could cause blackouts and disruption to mobile service this winter. Telecom companies say that the energy shortage will push their networks to the brink. 

That is because telecom networks need power to run and power comes from either gas or nuclear and Europe is not equipped with either. They have voluntarily sanctioned gas from Russia and in France, nuclear plants are set to shut down for ill-timed maintenance. 

In Africa, officials are warning that the power crisis could turn off ATMs and gas stations! 

According to Reuters, “Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers and most of them have battery backups that last around 30 minutes to run the mobile antennas.” Yikes! 

Officials say that they would instate blackouts in parts of each country first and prioritize emergency services such as hospitals and police. 

Given that this newsletter is written in Europe, if you don’t hear from us for a while, you’ll know why! 

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Hunger in England

credit: ben birchall/ PA

Children in England are eating their pencil erasers because they’re so hungry, according to a new survey on food poverty. Inflation has hit the poorest the hardest, leaving children without school lunches. 

While schools can help provide school lunches, they can’t do much if parents can’t feed their kids dinner and breakfast before and after school. Teachers say children come to school having not eaten since lunch the day before. How can children learn on empty stomachs? 

In Canada, food banks report a 170% increase in visits compared to pre-pandemic days. The hunger crisis is alive and growing in developing and developed nations. 

A coordinator from Oxford Mutual Aid said this to The Guardian: “They aren’t choosing whether to heat or eat: they can’t afford to do either.” 

What's Trending?

credit: nbc

Lizzo is trending because she played a few notes on a crystal flute that once belonged to the U.S. Founding Father James Madison. She's the first person ever to play the flute. 

Barnie is trending because a new trailer for a documentary about the children’s character will allegedly show the “darker side” of the show. It’s called “I Love You, You Hate Me.” What the…??

President Biden is trending for asking for a Congresswoman that recently died at an event on Wednesday.

Katie Couric is trending because the news anchor says that she’s been treated for breast cancer. 

News By The Numbers

€75 billion. That is how much Porsche was valued for its initial public offering today on the Frankfurt exchange. 

$19 per hour. That is the new starting wage for Amazon warehouse employees, up from $18 per hour. 

22%. That is how many smartphone users say that they like getting voice texts. Voice texts are the new written texts. Pass it on. 

Project Room Key

la city council credit: getty

Should hotels be forced to give vacant rooms to homeless people? This will be on the ballot in Los Angeles in 2024. 

Southern California’s homeless problem is worse than ever and politicians have come up with the idea to require hotels to report all vacancies and offer them to the homeless. The idea was born from Project Roomkey, a program that did something similar during the pandemic. Project Roomkey is shutting down so city officials sought a way to make it more permanent. 

Project Roomkey was voluntary. Hotels did not have to participate. This new measure would not be. 

Hotels in Los Angeles say that requiring them to rent vacant rooms to the city’s homeless would put an undue burden on their businesses. The legislation would force them to report vacancies to the city’s housing department, which would create work for their staff, not to mention the extra laundry and cleaning. 

Los Angeles city officials have not said how it would pay for this program. They only said that they would use “various funding streams.” 

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