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🚨 Seriously? – April 10 2024


Happy Wednesday.

NASA says that the curious object orbiting the moon is not the Silver Surfer. It is actually the South Korean Danuri lunar orbiter.

credit: nypost

In Case You Missed It. 

🚨 Missouri executed a prisoner despite pleas from over 70 correctional officers vouching for him. The man confessed to killing his cousin and her husband after they took him in to rescue him from drug dealers.

⚛️ Peter Higgs, the man who first theorized the Higgs boson, or “God particle” died at the age of 94.

💰 The U.S. Postal Service proposed a 5 cent increase for stamps to 73 cents, which would start in 2025.

💛 Wells Fargo says that gold sales at Costco are averaging $200 million.

📈 Jamie Dimon is warning that interest rates in the U.S. could go as high as 8%.

🔥 At least five people died in a massive fire in a commercial building in Hong Kong.

🌞 A teacher in New York promised his 9th grade class in 1978 that they would reunite in 2024 for the eclipse and they did!

🏛️ The U.S. House of Representatives will bring their impeachment trial for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate next week.

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The Lead: Biden’s Ties to Terrorism?

credit: getty

Russia is investigating Burisma Holdings as a source of funds that financed the recent terror attack that killed over 140 people in Moscow. Burisma Holdings is the company that employed Hunter Biden as a sinecure, which is one of my favorite words meaning a highly paid person who does next to nothing.

The U.S. says that this is “nonsense.” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said this about the accusation: “Russia knows it was ISIS who committed the attack in Moscow, we know it was ISIS who committed the attack in Moscow, we warned Russia of an impending terrorist attack in Moscow, and all of the rest of this is noise.”

Only…the U.S. HAS funded ISIS in the past so it’s not a stretch. Russian investigators say that they have “established that the funds, flowing through commercial organizations, including the oil and gas conglomerate Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine, have been used in recent years to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia.”

Shouldn’t we all be curious about this?? The U.S. government is not. 

According to RT: “The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said last week that the US is refusing to allow any discussion of potential Ukrainian involvement in last month’s terrorist attack near Moscow because Washington is ultimately accountable for Kiev’s actions.”

More Weapons to Ukraine

credit: ap

The U.S. announced an “emergency foreign military sale” to Ukraine worth $138 million. Because things like this keep happening: Russian missiles can blow up at least two dozen pieces of military gear in one fell swoop.

The American people don’t want to keep sending money to Ukraine but politicians do. The new round of aid will “upgrade” Ukraine’s HAWK air defense systems, they say.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron was in the U.S. this week trying to sell the public on the “investment” of sending more aid to Ukraine.

“Almost half of Russia’s military equipment has been destroyed – without the loss of a single American life,” he said. This is a lie and not, as he says “an extremely good value for money.” Someone yank his mic please!  He is advocating for the death of Ukrainians and actively deterring peace negotiations.

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China’s Economic Trouble

credit: reuters

China is not happy that the country’s sovereign outlook has been downgraded by Fitch Ratings to “negative” from “stable.”

The credit rating agency did this over concerns about China’s property and public finance stress and “eroded fiscal buffers” because of wide fiscal deficits. The Chinese finance ministry said that this is “a pity” and that “the long-term positive trend of China’s economy has not changed, nor has the Chinese government’s ability and determination to maintain good sovereign credit.”

China says that its debt is “controllable.”

Fitch maintained the A+ ratings on China’s sovereign bonds.

News By The Numbers

credit: rolex

$55,000. That is the price of the new Rolex Deepsea, an 18 carat gold watch with a blue ceramic face. It is water resistant to 3,900 meters.

10-15 years. That is the prison sentence for the parents of Ethan Crumbley, the boy who was found guilty of a 2021 school shooting in Michigan that killed four students.

$20,000. That is how much Aimee Harris was paid to steal President Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden’s diary for Project Veritas. She was sentenced to one month in prison and three months of home confinement on Tuesday.

Scotland Drowning in “Hate Crimes”

giphy.gif credit: bbc

In the first week since Scotland’s “hate speech” bill went into effect, police say that they have received over 8,000 reports and they just can’t keep up. If this keeps up, it means that police would have more hate crimes on their hands than actual crimes.

According to The Telegraph: “This would mean that hate crime reports would overtake overall crime within 36 weeks, or at least by the autumn, and dwarf the annual 58,000 reported assaults, the most common offence in Scotland, by a factor of 10.”

Is Scotland really that hateful? Clearly not! Police say that the public have “weaponised” the new law to pursue personal and political vendettas. Which is exactly what opponents of the bill warned would happen! The unintended consequence is that police will not be able to handle actual policing and Scots will be less safe as a result. Analysis by the Telegraph shows “Police Scotland is already failing to solve an increasing number of shoplifting cases, sexual assaults and car thefts. Clear-up rates – referring to cases where there is enough evidence for criminal proceedings –for two-thirds of all offences have declined since 2011 including violent offences, fraud and rape.”

So that will get worse as police now have to handle reports of who hurt your feelings or upset you. Way to go Scotland. You were warned.

What’s Trending?

credit: toyota

Toyota 4Runner is trending because Toyota unveiled the first 4Runner in 15 years. My dad had one in the 1990s so I have a soft spot for this SUV.

Joker 2 is trending because a new trailer for the sequel was released.

Star Wars Outlaws is trending because of this newly released trailer for the game, which is due out on August 30.

Amy Winehouse is trending because of a new trailer for a movie about her life.

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