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🚨 Seriously? – June 19 2024

Ground News

Happy Wednesday.

new survey shows that money can't buy happiness but happy people seem to have more money. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

😬 A new study shows that Listerine mouthwash may increase the risk of colorectal cancer. 

🏔️ Nancy Pelosi went to Tibet this week, presumably to instigate with China like she usually does with Taiwan.

🐶 Nationwide Insurance canceled about 100,000 pet insurance policies because of inflation. 

👨🏻‍⚖️ A high court declined to hear President Trump's appeal over the gag order that was issued by Judge Juan Merchan in his hush money trial. 

🚀 Germany has reportedly committed to giving Ukraine state-of-the-art “Frankenstein” air defense missiles. 

🔥 Scientists say they have discovered a new strain of hepatitis E that could make men infertile and lead to liver failure. They say that it could be sexually transmitted.

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Lead: Netanyahu On The Brink

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that President Biden is withholding the weapons that Israel needs to carry out its war in Gaza. He calls this "inconceivable." 

Edward Snowden likened this to the scorpion stinging the frog fable. President Biden has lost critical support by enabling Israel's attack on Gaza "only to have Bibi (predictably) start running campaign ads for Trump. President Biden is in a no-win situation politically. 

Earlier this week, Netanyahu dissolved his war cabinet after two members left. In its place, he will form a "small consultation body of the remaining four members to make decisions about the war in Gaza." 

So the two members who disagreed with him are gone, and now he has a war counsel who presumably will only agree with him. That seems like a dangerous situation, doesn't it? 

Meanwhile, the Israeli High Court of Justice has put a pause on the investigation into whether or not Israeli intelligence know about Hamas' plans on October 7. That's odd right? Wouldn't you think they'd want to know that? The court says it received "classified briefings from security agencies, some of which have publicly opposed the probe." The court will hear arguments next month to determine if this investigation will continue. If?

Fauci Has Quite The Nerve

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Dr. Anthony Fauci released a new book called "On Call" this week. It is interesting timing after his recent Congressional testimony which shows us all that he made policy recommendations to the American public during the pandemic that was not based on science. I don't know how this guy has the nerve to show up as a public hero but he does! 

Dr. Fauci went on MSNBC to promote the book with Rachel Maddow and my mind is reeling that he is still saying things like this in June 2024: 

  • The Covid vaccine saved lives;
  • President Trump promoted unproven therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine;
  • People hate him because he is science-based. 

Rachel Maddow says that people who oppose Fauci don't disagree with him. They hate him because "he represents expertise." Yet these things are so easy to disprove in the year 2024 that I almost swore this segment was three years old but it is not. 

Media Bias Is Real, Here's How to Avoid It


As many of you long-time viewers already know, the heart of what we do here is bringing you the stories that the mainstream media misses or chooses to ignore.

Recently, we came across a tool that aligns perfectly with our mission. That tool is Ground News. If you’re tired of the misleading narratives in the media, you’ll appreciate this. It’s a way to see how different outlets are covering the same story, all in one place. Imagine being able to compare coverage on the same story from different news sources worldwide. Ground News has become a valuable tool for the team at Redacted to sort through the bias.  

They don't generate the news; rather they compile it in one place and give you a visual breakdown of the news outlets. Try it right now and Redacted readers will get 40% off of their unlimited plan by signing up right here

AI Will Take Our Jobs

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The International Monetary Fund is worried that AI will harm the economy and the labor market. In a new report, they say that they have “profound concerns” about the economic disruption and that countries should "should take an agile approach that prepares them for both business as usual and highly disruptive scenarios." 

Those highly disruptive scenarios, they say, could lead to job losses in higher-skilled occupations. Unskilled laborers have seen this historically due to automation but higher skilled occupations have not so that would be a major change to who has job security and who does not. Meaning no one does. 

But what can be done about this? The report suggests "adequate social protection systems (social insurance, labor market programs, social assistance)" and for countries to "broaden the coverage and generosity of unemployment insurance, improve portability of entitlements, and consider forms of wage insurance." 

This is a dystopic outlook. None of us would work because AI has all of our jobs so we are dependent on global government handouts? Is it too early to panic about that? 

What's Trending?

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Premier League is trending because the football/soccer matches for the 2024/2025 season were announced

Juneteenth is trending because that federal holiday is today in the United States. It is the day to commemorate the end of slavery. 

Norovirus is trending because a hospital in Ireland is on lockdown due to an outbreak of norovirus and Covid, neither of which are especially dangerous or fatal.

Do Not Swim

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New reports show that the English government may be misleading the public about the safety of rivers and streams. That is because more than half of the country's sewage plant treatments "may be providing incorrect data on how often they dump untreated waste into rivers." 

So when you are told it's safe to swim or fish in a river, that may not be true. The Times of London analyzed reports from "what are known as event duration monitors (EDMs)." They say that this often produces "false negative" results and misses when a sewage spill has happened. They estimate that the government may have missed up to 200 spills in 2021 alone. Yuck!

News By The Numbers

93. That was how old Willie Mays was when he died this week. His family says that he passed away peacefully. He was known as the "Sey Hey" kid and is perhaps most famous for what was called the basket catch from the 1954 World Series.

10,000. That is how many workers have lost their jobs after California instated an increased minimum wage law. Who the heck would support Gavin Newsom for President!?

$500,000. That is how much Chicago taxpayers will pay to study reparations. This was announced by Mayor Brandon Johnson as part of an executive order.

$10,000. That was the reward offered by New York City police to find an illegal immigrant who raped a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint with a machete last week. He was arrested on Tuesday.  

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