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🚨 Seriously – March 16 2023


Happy Thursday.

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid day, where you celebrate by telling a child that they’re amazing. I can get behind this! I’ve got three of them!

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇳🇱 The Dutch farmers’ protest party scored a big election win in the Netherlands yesterday. Somewhere Klaus Schwab is shedding a tear. 

🇭🇳 The President of Honduras announced that her country would recognize a One China Policy and end diplomatic relations with Taiwan. 

🇬🇧 Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face questions in Parliament next week over Party-gate. 

🇲🇾 Malaysia has joined Indonesia in condemning the AUKUS deal for the U.S. and U.K. to arm Australia with nuclear weapons. 

💉 The FDA has authorized Pfizer’s omicron booster to be given to children younger than five if they’ve had their previous three Covid vaccines. 

😷 A new home test can tell if you’ve got Covid or the flu.

🇷🇺 Russian officials say that they are going to recover the U.S. drone that crashed into the Black Sea on Tuesday. 

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The Lead: Congress Tries To Protect Online Speech

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The House of Representatives passed a bill to protect online speech and prevent government agencies from censoring it. 

This comes in the wake of the Twitter Files where we learned all the ways that government agencies were working to censor users over Covid, lockdowns, vaccines, President Biden, the election, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the war in Ukraine… You name it, they tried to censor it. 

The bill is called Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act. It “prohibits employees of executive agencies or who are otherwise in the competitive service from using their official authority to influence or advocate for a third party, including a private entity, to censor speech; engaging in censorship while on duty, wearing a uniform, or using official government property. Certain presidential appointees may not censor speech at any time, including outside normal duty hours.”

So no using your government influence as a means to a censorial end! The bill passed the House 219-206. Meaning 206 congressional leaders still reserve the right to ask social media to censor? It will not likely pass in the Senate. 

The Ukraine Cyber Bot Army

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Ukraine is drafting legislation to legalize a cyber army. Oh boy. Do you really want to fight a cyber army with Russia? May I remind them what happened in 2017 when Russian hackers basically turned Ukraine OFF? 

But alas, that seems to be the plan. New laws in Ukraine would turn an international pro-Ukrainian “hacktivist” group into a “cyber-reserve” military unit. 

Secretary of Ukraine’s National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity Natalia Tkachuk told Newsweek that a law regulating the “creation and functioning of cyber forces” was being fast tracked at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. She added that would be the “basis for building the state’s cyber defense capabilities, engaging cyber volunteers in these activities, and creating a cyber reserve.”

The “international” part is also a bit concerning. Wouldn’t this have the potential to drag countries into this war that are not currently associated with the war? And would it also turn international hackers on normal people who are critical of the war? Many concerning questions here! 

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Pfizer Lines Its Pockets

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Pfizer doesn’t want to let go of those Euros! The pharma company is offering the European Union a deal: pay for Covid vaccines we don’t make. Sound like a plan?? 

This is reporting from the Financial Times which says that they spoke to two people familiar with the deal. They say that Pfizer wants to extend its contract with the EU through 2026 and guarantee the same payout that they had for the first vaccine program, even though many of those vaccines won't be delivered because vaccine demand is down. 

In fact, the EU has paid for over 4 million Covid vaccines since 2020 but has administered less than 2 million. How did they get that sweet deal again? Oh, right, by texting with European Commissioner Ursula Van der Leyen. 

Pfizer wants that sweet deal again but several countries oppose it, including Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Poland. In fact, Poland has not been receiving or paying for Covid vaccines since last May when they declared a force majeure due to the war in Ukraine and the resulting refugee crisis. The EU is currently fighting back on the force majeure claim but doesn’t expect to want to sign on the dotted line for more vaccines at this point! 

What's Trending?

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Ryan Reynolds is trending because he sold his company Mint Mobile to T-Mobile for $1.35 billion. 

Bobby Caldwell is trending because the singer-songwriter died at the age of 71

Julia Roberts is trending because of this Tweet by Manchester United. 

News By The Numbers

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$4,500. That is how much some $2 bills are worth, according to U.S. Currency Auctions. Some are collector's items because the currency never really took off in the U.S. 

30. That is how many hours of free childcare some parents in the U.K. will get starting in September of 2025. 

$1 billion. That is the amount of fraud that the U.S. government is accusing Chinese businessman Guo Wengui of orchestrating by launching through cryptocurrency solicitations. 

2.5 tons. That is how much uranium has gone missing from a Libyan nuclear site, according to the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog. 

Pentagon Warns of UFO Invasion

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The Pentagon is warning that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing “smaller probes.” 

These probes, says researcher Sean Kirkpatrick, are much like the missions that NASA launches into space, meaning a larger craft that launches smaller exploratory crafts. The report says that this may explain some of the recently-observed crafts in the sky. 

This report comes after Congress authorized NASA to find out some answers through the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). The report was also authored by Abraham Loeb and Harvard’s astronomy department. 


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