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🚨 Seriously? – October 21 2022


Happy Friday.

Hats off to this deceased granny who left this note at her own funeral. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

⛪️ A federal judge blocked a New York law that would ban guns in church. So, guns in church!

🇮🇷 The White House says that Iran is supporting Russia in the conflict in Crimea. 

🇭🇺 Hungary says it will not go along with the E.U.’s gas cap. Prime Minister Viktor Orban put it this way on Twitter.

🇯🇵 The Japanese yen plummeted to its weakest rate since 1990.

👨‍💻 A new study asserts that pornography is not related to erectile dysfunction. 

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The Lead: In Goodbye You Can Truss

credit: ap

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has thrown in the towel. She resigned on Thursday, making her the shortest-termed Prime Minister in the history of Britain. 

In her resignation speech, she said that she came in to fix the energy crises and the economy and she doesn’t think she can do it. Could anyone in her position do it by staying the course of gas sanctions, support for foreign wars, and looming power outages? If she really wanted to do it, she’d have to step outside the box and she didn’t seem to be the one to do that. Here she states what her priorities were: supporting Ukraine. It has become clear that supporting other countries’ wars is not conducive to supporting one's own. 

Truss says that she already notified the King and that electing her replacement would begin next week. 

News Flash: Work Can Be Stressful

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The U.S. Surgeon General cares about your stress. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued a warning about stressful work environments on Thursday. 

The warning said that working long hours for low wages can negatively affect your mental health. This reportedly leads to stress, which disrupts your sleep and can be linked to many health problems such as depression and heart disease. 

The notice said that 76% of American workers have at least one symptom of a mental health condition and suggests that employers keep this in mind to create easier environments. That’s nice. Has he seen the economy lately?

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America's Culture War

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In Florida, a child can no longer change their gender or name without their parents knowing about this. This is called the “full knowledge” policy. It was signed earlier this year by Governor Ron DeSantis and approved by the state’s Board of Education this week. 

In recent years, schools have allowed children to change genders and use different names and bathrooms without notifying parents. Clearly many parents find it upsetting to be kept out of important decisions like that. It is allowed in some states such as California but no longer in Florida. 

The bill also bans biological boys from playing on girls’ sports teams. Democrats oppose this because they say that it could lead to bullying. It is about informing parents. Who would be doing the bullying in this instance? 

What's Trending?

credit: NBC

Lara Logan is trending because she said on Newsmax that she spoke to someone at the United Nations who said that they wanted to flood the U.S. with immigrants. She said this weeks ago but she said it again this week. 

Taylor Swift is trending because her new album Midnights was released. 

Tristan Nash is trending because the 26-year-old professional wrestler died. No cause of death has been shared. 

News By The Numbers

12. That is how many years we have been married! This weekend is our anniversary and we went on a trip. We apologize that this newsletter was delayed by our travels! 

500. That is how many drones actor Mark Hamill has sent to Ukraine this month.

75%. That is how much of the staff at Twitter could get walking papers if and when Elon Musk takes over, according to anonymous sources.

Big PHARMA Gets To Sell Two Drugs Instead of One

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A new study shows that children who go on puberty blocking drugs to treat gender dysphoria rarely stop those drugs and are most likely to progress to cross-hormones to help them transition genders. 

The study found that 98% of children who went on puberty blockers went on to take what they call “gender affirming” pharmaceuticals, or pharmaceuticals that help change their body to the gender which they were not born. 

The authors call this “reassuring” for those who offer pharmaceuticals as treatment for gender dysphoria. So it’s “reassuring” that big Pharma gets to sell two drugs instead of one? I have follow-up questions. In the 90s, when children with gender dysphoria were studied long-term, many of them ceased their dysphoria in their teens and went on to become healthy gay adults. Is there then something about the puberty blocker that stops what would otherwise be a normal transition into homosexuality? As journalist Helen Joyce puts it: “Far more plausible is that puberty blockers, as well as blocking the physical changes that puberty brings, also blocked the developmental process whereby gender dysphoria resolves.”

Is it that big Pharma has the answers that were not available in the 90s? That’s hard to believe, given the many proven contraindications of these drugs. Also consider that insurance companies bill TWICE the normal amount for these drugs when they are given to children than when they are given to treat cancers. That is to the tune of about $9,000 per month. 

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