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🚨 Silver Skinned – January 10 2024


Happy Wednesday.

Experts are warning against an online trend to take colloidal silver for anti-aging. They say it can lead to seizures, kidney damage or even turn your skin blue.  

credit: nbc

In Case You Missed It. 

🌜The U.S. moon mission has been aborted and will not land on the moon for at least a year due to a fuel leak. 

🇪🇨 Gunman broke into a TV studio during a live newscast in Ecuador, but thankfully, no one was killed. The news station said that two employees were injured and 13 people were arrested. 

🏛️ Ray Epps, who has been suspected of working with the FBI during the January 6 protests on the U.S. Capitol, was sentenced to only one year of probation and a $25 fine. 

🇫🇷 France now has its youngest Prime Minister in history: Gabriel Attal, who is 34 years old. He is also the first openly gay Prime Minister. 

📺 Don Lemon announced a new show on X called The Don Lemon Show after he was fired from CNN last year. You would think he would stop making his major career announcements with iPhone note screenshots

🚨 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized due to surgery for prostate cancer, according to his medical team. This was offered in explanation to his unexplained absence

💻 The SEC says its X account was hacked last week after a post appeared to falsely approve listing and trading of spot bitcoin exchange-traded products. 

📺 You can watch last night's full Redacted show right here














*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


The Lead: A Political Revolution in Germany

sahra wagenknecht is highly critical of Germany's immigration policies credit: bbc

A new political party in Germany would end net-zero policies and aid to Ukraine but “appeal to culturally conservative and economically left-wing voters.” 

What does that mean? It means that the “extreme right” and “extreme left” labels have been weaponized to an unrecognizable level and we need to start again. When farmers protesting government policy are called “extreme right wing,” you know we’ve jumped the shark with nomenclature. 

In Germany, politician Sahra Wagenknecht launched a party called BSW and will test its strength at European elections this July. 

This comes as parties that the media calls “far right” have been gaining in the polls in France, Portugal and beyond while the left-leaning leaders in Europe fall like flies. 

It does seem that Europe is done with progressive politics that tank economies. Protests in Germany continue this week with what protestors are calling a “week of action.” Watch our on-the-ground coverage here. Now Poland is joining Germany in protesting their government amid freezing temperatures. 

CNN Admits They Are a Propaganda Network

credit: getty

CNN admitted that the Israeli government censors its coverage of the war on Gaza. Is it any wonder that trust in the media continues to plummet

CNN confirmed to The Intercept that it submits its coverage of the war for review to CNN’s Jerusalem bureau. That bureau is “subject to the rules of the Israel Defense Forces’s censor, which dictates subjects that are off-limits for news organizations to cover, and censors articles it deems unfit or unsafe to print,” according to The Intercept. 

Israel has strict rules for media censorship. Critics of Israel have historically turned to poetry and theater to criticize the government because they know that their channels of communication are sparse and heavily policed. 

But CNN doesn’t have to do censor itself for U.S. audiences. Why would they elect to? This violates journalistic ethics of independent coverage. 

Another example of media manipulation is this Wall Street Journal article on why the Ukrainian counteroffensive failed. It is chock-full of lies. It says that Ukraine repelled a Russian assault on Kyiv. That's false. Russia did not attack Kyiv but voluntarily withdrew in early 2022 due to peace negotiations that Ukraine would later renege. It also indicates that Ukraine may have won the counteroffensive but did not “because the West had dithered for months over the provision of tanks and other armored vehicles, [so] the Russians were ready.” That is also misleading. Ukraine never had a prayer of retaking the Donbas region, and the article fails to note that the region that Ukraine wants back voted to join Russia because they had been under attack by the Ukrainian army prior to the 2022 Russian operation since 2014. 

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Can 'Davos Man' Rebuild Trust?

credit: wef

The theme at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davis this year is "Rebuilding Trust.” Could that be because they know that the world doesn’t trust anyone who would attend Davos now??

Davos is the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering of unelected leaders who plan out the world's future based on their own economic interests. Usually it involves putting the average person's interest down the toilet. The annual meeting for 2024 takes place next week, January 15-19.

Now why would world leaders need to “rebuild trust”? Is this a tacit admission that world leaders have EARNED their loss of public trust? Are they going to apologize for pushing climate change measures that hurt the environment and people MORE? Are they going to apologize for social tracking, mass vaccination, and taking away freedoms? Will they apologize for selling wars built on lies? That’s how they’ll really build up trust. 

Spoiler alert: They’re not going to do any of that. They’re going all in on more war, more climate policy and ANOTHER pandemic for a disease they don’t even know about yet

Watch our coverage of the program here and read through the program for yourself. What do you think? Do you want to rebuild your trust in these people? 

What's Trending?

credit: disney

Star Wars is trending because the franchise announced an upcoming Mandalorian movie, directed by Jon Favreau. Read the comments. Fans are not happy that Kathleen Kennedy is listed as a producer. 

This video is trending of rats streaming out from a homeless man’s blanket in a New York City subway. It’s a dystopian nightmare! 

This video is trending of John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt at the Golden Globes. If you watch his mouth, he appears to say the word “divorce.” Or “indoors.” Or “hors d’oueuvres.” Who knows?

News By The Numbers

30 pounds. That is how much weight former President Trump has apparently lost in the last year by eating healthier. The media will undoubtedly miss making fun of him for his love of fast food. 

1,900. That is how many migrants were moved into a Brooklyn high school because the migrant shelter was not suitable for the weather. The students at the school are being forced to move to virtual learning while the migrants are there and parents are understandably upset about it. 

£1,500. That is how much some people in England can collect from the government for hardship relating to extreme cold weather. 

Scotland's Sex Change Law

credit: sky

new law in Scotland could put parents in jail if they oppose their children’s sex change operations. 

The proposed law aims to end “conversion practices in Scotland.” This is a trick of semantics. They call “conversion” anyone who opposes transgender ideology. So if a person says that they are the opposite of their birth gender and you do not agree, you are accused of trying to “convert” them back to their birth gender. 

The Scottish government would punish anyone who forces “someone to change or suppress themselves” with “up to 7 years in prison” and “a fine that has no limit” or “both of those things.” It would also make it a crime to leave Scotland with your child if you want to prevent them from gender transition. 

This means that you could not prevent your child from breast removal surgery, genital removal surgery, puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, all of which are dangerous and unproven to resolve gender dysphoria. 

This law opened for consultation this week and debate will continue through April. 


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