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🚨 Sleepy – March 25 2024


Happy Monday.

Name-calling is the name of the game in the 2024 Presidential elections. "Sleepy Joe" is testing out "Broke Don" on the campaign trail as a hit against Donald Trump. What do you think? Catchy enough to stick? 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🚨 At least 11 people have been detained in relation to the terror attack in Moscow that killed at least 137 people, including four children. 

🇪🇸 A court in Spain has revoked access to Telegram as a "precautionary measure." 

📺 NBC hired former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and NBC talent is not happy about it.

🇮🇱 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu told U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Israel will be invading Rafah no matter what. 

🇫🇷 France is on high alert after the terrorist attack in Moscow.

📈 Crime on New York City subways is up 53% from last year.

🇮🇱 Six senior Democrats sent a letter to President Biden asking him to suspend military aid to Israel. AOC was not one of them. She only pretended to be antiwar on the campaign trail. 

🇨🇳 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will go to China in April. 

🇸🇬 Singapore asked the Israeli embassy to remove a Facebook post about the Koran that it called an "astonishing attempt to rewrite history." 

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Lead: America's New Anti-Gun Department

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The Justice Department launched a sweeping new power law called the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center, or ERPO. It sounds like a lot because it is a lot. It gives them the power to train, assist, and advise on laws for pretty much every government and non-government agency in the name of keeping "guns out of the hands of people who pose a threat to themselves or others." 

The Details

ERPO is not only a new department, it is a new set of laws that allows the federal government to prevent some people from owning a gun and also take guns away from anyone that they deem an "extreme risk." The problem lies in the government's assessment of extremism. President Biden says that anyone who supports the MAGA movement is extreme so will that be used to determine who can and cannot have a gun? 

Representative Thomas Massey calls it a Federal Red Flag Center. It lets the Justice Department decide who is an "extreme risk" and communicate that to law enforcement officials, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, clinicians, victim service and social service providers, community organizations, and behavioral health professionals. It also allows family members to report ERPO concerns if they think a member of their household should not have a gun. Did they borrow this from Orwell's 1984 on purpose? 

Goodbye Mr. Johnson, We Hardly Knew Ya! 

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Congress passed a $1.2 billion spending package on Friday, which may be the first and last major move of House Speaker Mike Johnson. The bill will fund the government through the end of the year. 

Johnson promised his party that he would cut federal spending and redirect foreign aid to the southern border but he accomplished exactly none of that. The Wall Street Journal reports that he worked alongside more Democrats than Republicans to pass this bill. 

The bill includes more money for LGBTQ issues, central digital currency for cattle, more money to study Chinese espionage, and of course directs boatloads of additional money to Israel. As a reminder, Israel has a massive budget surplus and a space agency.

Oddly, it cut the FBI budget by $654 million and cut its construction account by 95%. And yet the FBI just gave itself sweeping new powers. See the previous story. So how do you square that? 

Representative Thomas Massey put out feelers for rejecting House Speaker Johnson, but the numbers don't look good. 

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The Princess Kate Mystery Continues

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The British monarchy released a video of Kate Middleton admitting that she is being treated for cancer. This may explain her absence from public life but it does not explain all of the trickery as of late. 

It does not explain why the palace "confirmed" that she did not have cancer. It does not explain why the press told us that she was "healthy and happy" after a "sighting" last weekend. Who was that person? It does not explain why we can't see the unedited version of the Mother's Day photo. It does not explain why the two "sightings" of her recently were clearly different women yet those doppelgängers were seen with her mother and husband. Why did they do all of that when they could have told us the truth? 

And is the video statement legitimate? Some say it looks suspicious, especially because the blue wedding ring that once belonged to Princess Diana disappears in one frame. That can happen with low-resolution video but if the BBC took two weeks to produce this video, why would they use low-resolution equipment in the year 2024? The princess also does not appear to have her signature mole and her hair and blowout are similar to an old video she did about mental health. 

This is not about whether or not the princess deserves privacy. Of course she does! This is about why the palace and the media keep lying so badly! If this is indeed more lying, it would serve that the public should show real concern for her and her children, not less! 

What's Trending?

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Palm Sunday was trending because that was yesterday, the first day of a Holy Week for Christians, culminating in Easter Sunday.

Blake Lively is trending because she apologized for joining in on the Where’s Kate trend.  

Max Verstappen is trending for winning or taking “pole position” at the Australian Grand Prix

News By The Numbers

51. That is the age of Cameron Diaz. She and her husband welcomed their first son this weekend. Their daughter was born via surrogate so presumably this child was too. 

$13.3 billion. That is how much investors have pulled from BlackRock in the last two years. The Financial Times reports that it is because investors are tired of being scammed by the ESG label

48%. That is how much shares of Reddit jumped after its IPO on Thursday.

FDA Forced To Apologize over Ivermectin

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The FDA had a fun time poking fun at people for asking about Ivermectin during the Covid-19 pandemic but now they have to take down all of that condescending content as part of a court settlement.

Most famously, in August of 2021, the FDA Tweeted "You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it." This was in response to legitimate questions about ivermectin's use to treat Covid-19. The NHS now admits that "Ivermectin has been shown to inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in cell cultures" but says that the dosage is not appropriate for humans. Even so, government health agencies poked fun of people for asking about ivermectin and they asked social media to punish people for it. On YouTube, we could not say the word “ivermectin” for the risk of having our channel punished. 

This case was dismissed but the plaintiffs had accused the FDA of interfering with their ability to practice medicine. Presumably, the FDA will not be allowed to do that again as it relates to ivermectin. The court ruled that "Even tweet-sized doses of personalized medical advice are beyond the FDA's statutory authority." 

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