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🚨 Soup Bandits – January 29 2024


Happy Monday

A new TikTok trend is called “loud budgeting.” It means you are vocal about saving money and making prudent choices instead of spending extravagantly. Young people say that they need this because they have “money dysmorphia." Which is a fancy way of saying they have poor financial education. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ There are calls in the U.K. for Kemi Badenoch to replace Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. She says that she is not behind this and it is others who are making trouble. 

πŸ’Έ The Federal Reserve will meet this week to decide on raising or cutting interest rates. 

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine says it has uncovered $200 million in corruption related to war aid under a new audit. 

πŸ•΅πŸ»‍♂️ U.S. Senator Wyden released documents showing that the NSA does buy data to spy on Americans. 

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ China has called on the Houthis to stop their attacks in the Red Sea. 

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡© At least 19 people were killed in Congo by a rebel group. 

πŸš€ The Daily Telegraph reports that the U.S. intends to store nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom. The Pentagon has not confirmed nor denied this. 

πŸ“• The Daily Mail reports that Ghislaine Maxwell is “writing a tell-all memoir.” 

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Lead: Going to War with Iran

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U.S. politicians are demanding that President Biden "hit Iran hard" in retaliation for three U.S. troops killed in Jordan. At least 30 American troops were injured. 

Iran says that it was not behind the attack. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said this about it

“As we have clearly stated before, the resistance groups in the region are responding [to] the war crimes and genocide. They do not take orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran. These groups decide and act based on their own principles and priorities as well as the interests of their country and people.”

Both President Joe Biden and UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that Iran was behind the attacks though. President Biden said that he condemned the “despicable and wholly unjust attack” and has vowed to hold all those responsible “to account at a time and in a manner [of] our choosing." 

Senator John Cornyn said this a post X: "Target Tehran.” Senator Lindsey Graham, who never misses a chance to bang the drum of any war ever, called for the U.S. to "Hit Iran now. Hit them hard." 

The War in Gaza

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On Friday, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel must cease its attack on Gaza and "take all measures within its power to prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to commit genocide in relation to members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip." 

This case was brought by South Africa in order to stop the attacks in Gaza that began after the October 7 attack by Hamas in Tel Aviv. But will Israel abide? Probably not as long as they have allies in the United States. 

The U.S. has said that it will not change course based on this ruling because “The President believes the approach we have been taking has been getting results." Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that the term genocide is “unhelpful" and that there is "no indication that that's going on." 

The U.S. also decided that aid to the United Nations’ Relief and Works Agency is unhelpful and cut aid that was intended for Gaza. Some European countries are doing the same after Israel accused some staff members of having been involved in the October 7 attack.  

According to a statement from the U.N, “Of the 12 people implicated, nine were immediately identified and terminated by the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini; one is confirmed dead, and the identity of the two others is being clarified.”

The U.N. made an appeal for aid to continue while this case is investigated. “While I understand their concerns – I was myself horrified by these accusations – I strongly appeal to the governments that have suspended their contributions to, at least, guarantee the continuity of UNRWA’s operations.”

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NATO Prepares for War with Russia

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Russian officials are hopeful that Russophobia will eventually decline. That seems optimistic given the NATO countries that are ramping up fear of war with Russia and a military draft. 

Last week, the United Kingdom and Sweden were both warned of the possibility of a draft for a war with Russia. Over the weekend, Australian media started up this rhetoric too

The Telegraph presents this doomsday scenario

"It is 2034, and Britain is at war with Russia. After an uneasy peace with Ukraine, Moscow has sent forces into the Baltics, clashing with British troops based there to protect Nato’s eastern flank." 

Why exactly would they do this? No explanation. We are only sold this irrational fear of Russia without a reason behind it based on the assumption that you believe their lies about the current war in Ukraine. 

The Government Takes the Wheel

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A new bill in California would require car manufacturers to limit the speed on cars to a maximum of 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. That would mean no car sold could go over 80 mph. 

This comes from the Speeding and Fatality Emergency Reduction on California Streets—or SAFER California Streets, for short. The bill's sponsor, Scott Wiener, says that this is a response to a rise in traffic deaths. The solution, he says, is "speed governors." 

A speed governor is a technology called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), which uses GPS and on-board cameras to detect the speed limit of the road a driver is traveling and limit the driver's ability to go more than 10 mph faster. It would also warn the driver "through audio, visual, or vibration signals and/or limiting vehicle speeds accordingly." This would be required in all models made in 2027 and after. 

In theory, this might sound nice but there are a few things that give me pause – like the ability to hack a car with this technology, which already exists. Or the possibility of trying to escape a natural disaster with limited speed. Maybe that one is apocalyptic? What do you think?  

News By The Numbers

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22. That is the age of Jannik Sinner, the Italian tennis player who won the Australian Open this weekend, his first career major title. 

$83.3 million. That is how much a judge awarded E. Jean Carroll in her defamation case against former president Donald Trump. The sum is made up of $18.3 million for compensatory damages and $65 million in punitive damages. The former President says that he will appeal. 

$6,998. That is the price of the cheapest Super Bowl ticket. The most expensive ticket costs $35,170. I wonder if Taylor Swift will get a comped seat given that she's such a ratings booster. I also wonder what she'll wear. 

What's Trending?

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Mona Lisa is trending because climate activists vandalized it with soup. 

Taylor Swift is trending because the NFL just can't get enough of her cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, whose team advanced to the Super Bowl to face the San Francisco 49ers. 

Despicable Me 4 is trending because a new trailer was released for the sequel, which is due out in July. 


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