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🚨 Spying on Americans – April 11 2024

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Happy Thursday.

Jeff Bezos may have committed $60 million to make fake meat but he and his fiancé Lauren Sanchez were happy to dine on house-cured salmon and dry-aged rib-eye steak at a White House dinner for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Wednesday. Also in attendance: former President Clinton, Apple CEO Tim Cook, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi.  














*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


In Case You Missed It

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🚨 A judge ruled that a co-defendant in the Trump classified document case can file a redacted FBI interview transcript in his argument that the government has "failed to state an offense." This is a blow to FBI special counsel Jack Smith who is prosecuting the case. 

💨 The U.S. Senate overturned regulation from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requiring states to measure their transportation-related emissions and set reduction targets. Many states have sued over the rule. Two Democrats joined with Republicans to pass the measure. 

💰 New York City will not renew a $432 million contract to house and feed migrants. 

👑 Royal courtiers are reportedly asking for assurances that King Charles will be exempt from environmental laws for his private property. 

🇮🇱 President Biden reportedly “walked back” a call for Israel to declare a ceasefire. 

🇺🇦 A new report shows that the Biden Administration has undercounted what it has spent on the war in Ukraine by $14 billion! 

🇹🇷 Turkey has applied to join the joint moon project between Russia and China. 

📺 You can catch last night's full Redacted live show right here

The Lead: Government Spying on Americans "It's like herpes, it'll be back." 

credit: foxnews

No to post-9/11 government surveillance! That is what the House of Representatives voted in a surprising move! The house voted down the renewal of FISA Section 702 which allows warrantless surveillance of foreign nationals but has been long-since abused to surveil U.S. citizens too. 

All House Democrats voted against the bill and 19 Republicans joined them. Why is this a left-right issue? It should be non-partisan effort to uphold the Constitution. 

Some say that this is a hit to House Speaker Mike Johnson who supported the bill. Florida Representative Cory Mills said that it "isn’t a defeat for Johnson; it’s a victory for Americans.”

Sort of. It’s not like the government won’t still do what they want or work around it as Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie lays out in his explanation on the vote. Tucker Carlson warns that government surveillance is “like herpes, it’ll be back.” 

What is Boeing Hiding?

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A Boeing whistleblower says that the 787 Dreamliner planes could “break apart,” prompting an investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The whistleblower, Sam Salehpour, says he worked at Boeing for over a decade and that he submitted documents to the FAA showing that the fuselage can come apart in several places because the pieces are made “from different manufacturers, and they are not exactly the same shape where they fit together.” Like Ikea furniture!? 

Boeing acknowledged that “manufacturing changes were made” but says that this has “no impact on durability or safe longevity of the airframe.” The company followed up by saying that it is “fully confident in the 787 Dreamliner,” adding that “these claims about the structural integrity of the 787 are inaccurate and do not represent the comprehensive work Boeing has done to ensure the quality and long-term safety of the aircraft.”

Salehpour claims that he reported issues during his tenure at Boeing and was retaliated against for doing so. Boeing denies that too. They say that they encourage workers to speak up when issues arise and that retaliation is “strictly prohibited.” 

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Is Biden Set to Free Assange? 

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Will Joe Biden drop the charges against Julian Assange? The BBC reports that the U.S. President is considering doing just that and dropping criminal charges and an attempt to extradite him from the United Kingdom. 

Why all of these rumors lately?

Could it be due to Biden’s low poll numbers in an election year or is it something more? He’s had three years to ask his Justice Department to do this. Instead the Justice Department is busy assuring the UK court that they will not treat Assange badly if their extradition request is granted. 

How could a court take that assurance seriously knowing that U.S. intelligence tried to KILL Assange? 

This is playing out like political theater and it is wrong but if Assange is pardoned for Biden’s political gain, so be it. He should be freed this very second. 

What's Trending? 

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Molly the magpie is trending. She is a bird who became a pet to a couple in Australia because she bonded with their dog Peggy. The animal friends went viral prompting the Australian government to demand the mapgie’s surrender because they claimed that Molly was “taken from the wild and kept unlawfully with no permit, licence or authority.” The couple surrendered Molly to authorities voluntarily but after public outcry, she’s been sent her back to live with Peggy as long as the couple agreed not to have any “ongoing commercial gain from the bird or its image.” 

Nitrous oxide is trending because a student in England died from using it as a drug. Nitrous oxide is also known as “laughing gas” and is used for dental work. The student in question inhaled two the three bottles of it per day. 

Renee Zellweger is trending on news that she will reprise the role of Bridget Jones for a fourth film in the series due out in 2025. Hugh Grant will also return to reprise his role as Daniel Cleaver. 

News By The Numbers

giphy.gifcredit: imdb

87%. That is the Rotten Tomatoes score for Civil War, a movie due out this week about a dystopian United States torn apart by a civil war. 

3%. That is how much the Bank of Canada expects the economy to grow this year with inflation “easing gradually.” The bank held interest rates at 5% but signaled that rate drops could be coming soon. 

Five months. That is the prison sentence for Allen Weisselberg, former CFO of the Trump Organization. He was sentenced for two counts of perjury after testifying in the former President’s civil fraud trial. 

Largest Transgender Study Could Change Everything

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One of the most comprehensive reports on gender identity was published on Wednesday by NHS England and it concludes that studies on transgender hormones for young people have been “poor quality” and that for “most young people, a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress.” 

This comes from the Cass Review, a 388-page  “independent review of gender identity services for children and young people.” The conclusions will come as no surprise to anyone who has read actual research on transgender medicalization or social research. It shows that there IS an element of social contagion to gender dysphoria that has disproportionately affected young girls. It shows that these girls are NOT being treated for pre-existing conditions such as autism and other mental health issues but they should be. It shows that there IS a serious risk of harm from hormonal treatment and surgery that is often ignored and it shows that most studies of people who have undergone this treatment have a high drop-off rate and short period of follow up. 

This is consistent with the findings of the WPATH Files.

Trans activists pushed back against the Cass Report with the line that this research will “suffer and die” if they don’t get medicalization. This is a lie. Research shows that people who DO transition have a higher suicide attempt and success rate than people who do not. 


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