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🚨 Start me up – July 09 2024


Happy Tuesday.

A good samaritan gave a man CPR to save his life during a Rolling Stones concert while the song "Start Me Up" was playing. The man is trying to find the person who saved his life to thank him for being such a "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and giving his heart some "Satisfaction." Get it!?

In Case You Missed It.

🕵🏻 Tickermaster says that it has been hacked and told customers to “be vigilant and take steps to protect against identity theft and fraud."

💣 Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a major tax break for developers of nuclear weapons.

🇫🇷 French prosecutors have opened an investigation into Marine Le Pen and the right-wing National Rally over campaign financing.

💀 The Lancet reports that indirect deaths from the war in Gaza could reach up to 186,000 people.

🇬🇧 Dyson will lay off one third of its UK workforce.

♾️ Fed chair Jerome Powell is happy with the ‘considerable progress’ on inflation. Are you?

🇨🇳 China says that leaked documents containing technical information about U.S. fighter jets appear legitimate.

⛰️ A man died while trying to climb Mt. Fuji, making him the fifth person to die on the mountain in less than two weeks.

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Lead: Ukraine's Hospital Bombing

Photo credit: Reuters

Ukraine has accussed Russia of striking a children's hospital in Kiev on Monday but Russia says that photos and videos "from Kiev clearly confirm the fact of destruction due to the fall of a Ukrainian air defense missile launched from an anti-aircraft missile system within the city."

We have seen this many times from Ukraine since the conflict began in 2022 – almost too many times to count. They mis-use defense systems and hurt civilians, such as when their defense system killed at least two people in Poland. They use the mistake to raise hysterics in the Western press to garner support only to later be found guilty of the mishap.

The Wall Street Journal reported Ukraine's version of the story accusing Russia of the attack. The press should learn to wait for investigations but they don't.

A North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit begins today in Washington and NATO members are expected to pledge at least $40 billion annually in military aid for Ukraine.

Biden's Big Boy Doctor's Appointments

Photo credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Washington Times reports that a neurologist and Parkinson's disease specialist has visited the White House at least ten times since November 2022, presumably to care for President Biden.

Over the weekend, the President told ABC News that he had not seen a neurologist because no one told him he needed to but then Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that he does see a neurologist every year during his annual physical examinations. So which is it?

The President was scheduled to have a call with Democratic lawmakers to discuss his campaign but he reportedly canceled it.

Jean-Pierre and John Kirby are both saying that the President will host "Big Boy" press conferences this week, in reference to a joke made at the White House last week. In the context of real concerns about the President's mental state, the joke is not funny. Read the room.

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NATO: Not the only game in town

Photo credit: Tass

While NATO meets in Washington this week, the rest of the world is making alliances too.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow today to discuss bilateral cooperation.

Newly-elected Iranian President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian said that he is ready to commit to a stalled cooperation treaty between Iran and Russia. His predecessor was keen on this treaty but he was killed in a helicopter crash in May. President Pezeshkian says that he will sign this treaty at the BRICS summit in October.

According to Russian state media Tass, "Russia is set to develop the entire spectrum of humanitarian ties with BRICS nations, including in the areas of culture, youth exchanges, sport, and tourism."

News By The Numbers

Photo credit: New York City Department of Sanitation

$50. That is how much New York City residents can buy this "new" trash system called a trash can. Mayor Adams unveiled the "trash revolution" on Monday. It goes like this: you put the trash in the bin, you put the bin on the curb. You with me so far?

201,000. That is how many people in Texas lost power due to Hurricane Beryl. At least three deaths were reported from the storm.

£21 million. That is how much the Tate brothers have been accused of failing to report on their taxes, according to a new civil claim against them. Police are seeking to recover £2.8 million in seven frozen bank accounts.

What's Trending?

Photo credit: Disney+

"Agatha All Along" is trending because Disney released a trailer for a spooky new Marvel series about Agatha Harkness from the WandaVision series starring Kathryn Hahn.

Novak Djokovic is trending for calling out hecklers at Wimbledon.

"The Devil Wears Prada" is trending because a sequel to the film is reportedly in the works.

Extramural Context

Photo credit: The Free Beacon

Three administrators have been fired for texting this to each other: 🤮

Is that appropriate or a free speech violation?

The private texts were sent between the administrators during an antisemitism event at Columbia Univerisity. The event focused on Jewish life on campus. The administrators thought that the school protests in the wake of October 7 were being exploited for fundraising opportunities.

"This is difficult to listen to but I'm trying to keep an open mind to learn about this point of view," said one text. The exchange was filmed by a fellow audience member.

Does this count as extramural speech? It happened on campus but it was a private conversation. And even if this is a distasteful reaction, isn't it their right to have?


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