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🚨 The Crown – September 09 2022


Happy Friday.

double rainbow comforted mourners at Buckingham Palace on the day that the death of the Queen was announced. 

In Case You Missed It

credit: department of defense

🛸 After two years, and numerous freedom of information act requests, the U.S. NAVY just denied the release of every video they hold designated as UFO or UAP. The NAVY cites “national security” for hiding these videos. 

💸 The European Central Bank raised interest rates by 0.75%. 

💻 Hundreds of secret NATO documents were hacked from computers at the EMGFA in Portugal and sold on the dark web. Sources say the stolen information was of “extreme gravity”. NATO leaders will hold an emergency meeting in Brussels next week to discuss the hack. 

📈 Bitcoin value has gained the most in a month as the U.S. dollar has lost value precipitously.

🚀 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says it will never abandon its nuclear weapons program and passed a new law to allow “pre-emptive strikes.” 

🇭🇰 Hong Kong passed a mandate that children five and up be banned from public places if they have not had a Covid vaccine.










S&P 500




*stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00 am ET.


The Lead: A King Takes The Throne

credit: getty

England now has its first king in over 70 years as former Prince Charles became King Charles III overnight. He is the oldest man to ascend to the throne at the age of 73. So what do we expect from this unelected leader? 

King Charles is a champion of climate change and was one of the first to announce a New World Order or “Great Reset” during the pandemic. But the monarch is not supposed to talk politics and the king has said that he will not campaign for anything in particular once he ascends the throne. “I’m not that stupid,” he once said when asked about continuing his politics once he’s king. 

Many say that he champions a stripped-down royal role. According to the Wall Street Journal, the royal family’s expenditures have nearly tripled over the past decade, reaching £87.5 million in 2021, equivalent to around $101 million…. Aides say the idea is to focus on King Charles and his immediate heirs.” 

What does that mean? Less is more? The monarchy is a strange display of wealth and power at a time when many people are struggling to heat their homes and feed their children but people do like to gaze at it. 

Grocery Shortages On The Rise

Last week the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, and prices as the grocery store are at their highest levels in decades. Shopping at the grocery store costs 28% more than using Hello Fresh. That's right. With inflation and sanctions driving up prices you might have noticed your grocery bills are going up. Do you want to save 28% on your grocery bill? Want delicious ingredients shipped right to your door? Want to prepare amazing meals in under 30 minutes? Want to get 16 free meals for trying it out? Then you're in luck. You'll get free food with that link. 

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The New Space Race

credit: billy meier

China is accusing the U.S. of taking its military industrial complex to space. Don’t we have enough problems down on firm ground? 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said this on Wednesday: 

“For a long time, the US has openly defined space as a war-fighting domain. It has built the US Space Force and Space Command, developed and deployed space-based offensive weapons, conducted offensive and defensive military exercises and technology tests, and intensified military cooperation with its allies… This has heightened the risks of military miscalculation and conflict.”

Indeed, U.S. lawmakers do seem keen on ratcheting up space warfare rhetoric. Congress says these aircraft are not "man-made" and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mark Warner recently said that UFO's are a “threat” that is increasing “exponentially.” 

Is it? Who is being harmed by UFO's? What is it they want us to be afraid of in order to pump our tax money into another conflict? Is this a real threat or does the U.S. have its head in the clouds? 

News By The Numbers

credit: getty

$7 million. That is the settlement amount that Twitter paid to its whistleblower Peiter Zatko who was fired in January. Zatko complained that Twitter fails to protect user data and his reports are a key component of Elon Musk’s fight with the company.

2025. That is when the city of Seattle will ban gas-powered leaf blowers.

£150 billion. That is how much money the UK will spend in energy subsidies according to a new plan announced by new Prime Minister Liz Truss. 

$2.6 billion. That is how much more money the U.S. will send to Ukraine in military aid bringing the total amount that the U.S. has spent on this conflict to well over $80 billion.

343. That is how many ceramic pots The Netherlands gave back to Panama. 

What would you say you DO here? 

giphy.gifcredit: giphy

Are you being “ghost fired”? This is a new phrase for people who are quietly pushed out of their jobs. 

Being ghost fired means that no one actually fires you, they just treat you with utter unappreciation. No promotions, no raises, fewer responsibilities, no coworker birthday parties. 

Milton, pass. 

In a LinkedIn poll, 48% of workers say that they’ve seen this happen to a coworker, this silent demeaning behavior that pushes people out. This is passive aggressive cowardice, indicative of how we’ve grown unaccustomed to uncomfortable in-person conversations. Sigh. Don’t do this to other people. Treat them with the dignity of being forthcoming. 

A Sign of Society Collapsing 

giphy.gifcredit: kellog

Kellogg's has developed a cereal that you eat with water, not milk. What is this madness? 

The new cereal bowls are pre-packaged portions that have powdered milk mixed in. As milk prices rise, you can skip that part altogether and just add water. The bowls are available for popular brands Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran Crunch, Froot Loops and Apple Jacks. They cost $1.98 per bowl.

Cereal sales had been dropping pre-pandemic. It had a brief surge in sales during lockdowns but sales are still down because, well, cereal is unequivocally terrible for you. Cereal makers are hoping this gimmick will help slumping sales. 

What's Trending?

credit: giphy

Princess Diana is trending because many are still not over the fact that she will not be Queen now that Charles has ascended the throne. 

Queen Consort is trending because that is what former Duchess Camila now is. This means she is the wife to the King but has no actual ruling power. It is sort of like the First Lady in the United States. 

Pinocchio is trending because the live-action movie starring Tom Hanks was released on Disney+ to dismal reviews. We're not lying.

NFL is trending because Thursday was the first game of the 2022 season. Are you ready for some football? Er, American football.

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