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🚨 The Itsy Bitsy Spider – June 05 2024

Bank On Yourself

Happy Wednesday.

The East Coast has been warned about an infestation of the Joro spider. It is a large venomous spider with a 4-inch leg span and what's worse: it can fly.

Photo credit: Dave Coyle, Clemson University

In Case You Missed It. 

🇺🇸 The U.S. House of Representatives voted to sanction the International Criminal Court for seeking to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes. Lol. The U.S. is purposely NOT a member of the ICC in order to avoid being punished for its own war crimes.

🇮🇱 A Human Rights Watch report says that Israel has used munitions containing white phosphorus in at least 17 municipalities in southern Lebanon.

🏴󠁬󠁢󠁢󠁡󠁿 A gunman in Lebanon has been arrested for firing at the U.S. embassy in Beirut.

🕉️ Results are in from the election in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party did not secure a majority of seats. He submitted his resignation but is expected to be sworn in again later this week.

👸 US Magazine says that Princess Kate “may never come back.” You don’t say…..

🔴 FBI Director Christopher Wray is warning of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil like the one that happened in Moscow in March.














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Lead: Biden Plays Tough On Border

The Biden Administration has closed the southern border for asylum seekers with this order prohibiting the “entry of any noncitizen into the United States across the southern border.”

This is one of the president’s first real admissions that the southern border has been bombarded. He blames Congress and an antiquated immigration system for it but says that he will fix it by exercising his executive authority.

While the order suspends entry of noncitizens, it provides for what it calls “appropriate exceptions” for “those who are particularly vulnerable.” How will that be determined due to the high volumes of people at the border? TBD.

This is a bold statement but will only convince Americans if it is followed by bold action. Will it be?

Meanwhile, the Biden Justice Department is still suing various states to prevent them from enforcing laws that would allow for the arrest and deportation of illegal migrants. Will they drop those cases based on this new admission that mass migration is a problem?

No Boots in Ukraine

Photo credit: The Telegraph

The White House said that there are no plans to send any American troops to Ukraine, despite the rhetoric about NATO nations going to fight Russia in that conflict.

The U.S. will help train Ukrainian soldiers, sure, but not send any of its own.

US White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said this on Wednesday: "As we've said several times on the record, we're not planning to send US military advisors or troops trainers to train Ukraine, train unions in Ukraine.”

He said this while en route to France to honor the 80th anniversary of D-Day. French President Macron continues to show an appetite for sending troops to fight Russia so hopefully that bloodlust is not contagious to U.S. leaders.

Meanwhile, President Biden spoke to TIME Magazine about his vision for Ukraine and said that he is "not prepared to support the NATOization of Ukraine.” Is this because he’s spoiled in Zelensky?

Bank On Yourself and Take Control of Your Money and Finances


We've been brainwashed into believing the only way to grow our money for retirement is to risk it in the stock market. Not true. You CAN reach your financial goals and dreams without taking any unnecessary risks. Do you really control your retirement money? If you’ve got a 401(k) or IRA or similar retirement plan, the government controls it. They decide how much you can borrow and when you must pay it back, and you’ll owe taxes and penalties for taking money out too soon or waiting too long, even though it’s YOUR money. And thanks to our skyrocketing national debt, who knows how much you’ll have to pay in taxes during a retirement that could last 30 years?

  • Guaranteed, predictable growth and retirement income – with no luck, skill, or guesswork required. In fact, Bank On Yourself has a 160-year-plus track record of positive growth!

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  • Liquidity. You can get access to your money for any purpose with NO questions asked, and even use it for purchases or opportunities without interrupting the growth of those dollars. This is the strategy famous businesses like McDonalds and Walt Disney used when no banker would lend them a dime, and almost anyone can do it!

  • You’re in control. You have control of your money without government penalties or restrictions on how much income you can take or when you can take it. You don’t have to beg permission or pledge your first born to use your own money.

  • Peace of mind. Perhaps the best reason of all: You’ll know the minimum guaranteed value of your plan on the day you plan to tap into it – and at every point along the way!

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Waking Up To Excess Deaths

The media is waking up to the fact that excess deaths have spiked since the rollout of the Covid vaccines. Way to catch up after years of lacking all curiosity on the matter!

The Telegraph covered a study from The Netherlands in which “scientists discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.”

The researchers point out the known adverse events of the vaccine such as stroke, heart inflammation and death, but also posit that excess deaths could be due to “the impact of containment measures, restricted healthcare and socioeconomic upheaval.”

The study shows that excess deaths has remained high in the Western World and that this “raises serious concerns. Government leaders and policymakers need to thoroughly investigate underlying causes of persistent excess mortality.”

Thoroughly investigate they say. But do we trust ant government to do that?

What's Trending?

Cyndi Lauper is trending because she announced that she will go on a farewell tour. She is 70 years old and still just trying to have fun.

Novak Djokovic is trending because he withdrew from the French Open due to problems with his knee.

ChatGPT is trending because the AI program had an outage on Tuesday.

News By The Numbers

Photo credit: Real Madrid

$108.4 million. That was the reported signing bonus for star football/soccer player Kylian Mbappe when he signed with Real Madrid. His annual salary is €15 million per year, or approximately $16.5 million.

$560 million. That was the big win in the Mega Millions jackpot. A person in Illinois won after a three month span of nobody winning.

Dozens. That is how many residents in Windham, Maine complained about a drag show to celebrate Pride Month by performer Letta Dicken. They said that the show was not family friendly. Shocker.

Green Policies Not At All Green

credit: getty

A new report from NASA scientists shows that global policies to restrict global warming are causing more global warming. Many people who study this have long-since said this but were called climate deniers, including Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg.

The study shows that draconian fuel regulations “reduced the emission of sulfur dioxide from international shipping by about 80% and created an inadvertent geoengineering termination shock with global impact.”

Oops! They say that “the amount of radiative forcing could lead to a doubling (or more) of the warming rate in the 2020 s compared with the rate since 1980 with strong spatiotemporal heterogeneity.”

This is proof that climate policies are not based on science and politicians are just winging it for political gain. If they actually studied climate models, they would not do this. But they don’t.


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