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🚨 Thumbs up – October 13 2022


Happy Thursday.

Young people say that only older people use the thumbs-up emoji. Apparently kids these days think it’s too aggressive. 👎

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In Case You Missed It. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ President Biden said that his son Beau Biden died in combat in Iraq. He did not. He died from a brain tumor in 2015. 

📲 Google allowed President Trump’s social network Truth Social in the Google Play app store.

🇻🇪 The U.S. will begin sending migrants from Venezuela back to Mexico if they cross the southern border. 

🇭🇰 Hong Kong will relax some Covid restrictions, allowing social gatherings of up to 12 people 

📺 Last night on Redacted we covered the news that Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters are arriving in Ukraine in greater numbers. Not surprisingly, they are being funded by Western governments. You can watch the full show right here














*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


The Lead: U.S. Prepares to Invade Haiti

credit: reuters

The United States is moving forward with military missions in Haiti and Canada is considering getting involved too. Overnight the U.S canceled visas to Haiti and launched one of its largest Coast Guard ships for patrol off the island country. 

Life in Haiti is in chaos and increasingly so by the day. Protestors are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and are blocking imports of critical infrastructure such as gasoline imports. Banks and grocery stores are operating on limited schedules. 

We broke down the reason for this on this episode of Redacted and we will speak with Dan Cohen from Uncaptured Media again today as this story continues to develop.

Twitter Having Second Thoughts? 

credit: reuters

Is a lifetime ban from Twitter too draconian? That is what Twitter may be reconsidering, according to the Financial Times

This does not necessarily mean that former President Trump would be reinstated but it could mean that future penalties would change. Are there other types of slaps on the hands that could pave the road for future troublemakers? OR will Twitter re-think the idea of troublemakers? 

These are bigger questions for a possible Elon Musk-owned social network and they come in the wake of important occurrences such as the Surgeon General of Florida being penalized for Tweeting guidelines for Covid vaccines. 

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American Test Scores Continue To Decline

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American college kids are getting alarmingly bad grades this year by two metrics: ACT scores and school rankings. 

Scores for the ACT college admissions tests were the lowest they’ve been in 30 years. The average ACT score this year was 19.8 out of 36. This is the first time it has been below 20 since 1991. 

Also, more kids than ever before failed to meet ANY benchmarks in all tested areas: English, reading, science and math. In 2021, 38% of test takers could not meet any benchmarks. This year it was 42%. That means that nearly HALF of the students taking this test cannot pass it! 

And what of the universities that U.S. kids do get into? They are falling in ranking too. This year’s World University Rankings had fewer U.S. schools in the top 100 than ever before. Last year there were 43 American schools on that list. This year, only 34, while the number of Chinese universities increased from two to seven. 

What's Trending?

credit: taco bell

$28 of Taco Bell is trending because a Fox Business contributor said that inflation is so bad that his lunch at Taco Bell cost $28. How is that even possible? I have gas just typing that.  

Rally Goose is trending because of this fowl friend that joined the Dodgers/Padres playoff game on Wednesday.

Fetterman is trending because John Fetterman, the Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, sat for interviews for the first time since his stroke in May and people were keen to discuss his use of a computer program that he now uses to speak and understand. Pennsylvania started early voting weeks ago so it's curious why his campaign waited to show off Fetterman's new computer assisted speech until last night. 

News By The Numbers

$965 million. That is how much a judge has ordered host Alex Jones to pay to the victims of the Sandy Hook trial. 

7 figures. That is how much experts think that Tom Brady paid to buy a Major League Pickleball team. Financial terms were not disclosed. 

477. That is how many whales died by washing up on a beach in New Zealand. 

8%. That is how much ticket prices increased at Disneyland on Tuesday. The most expensive ticket with a park-hopper pass is now $244 per person per day! Yikes! 

Up In The Air

credit: alamy

European wind turbine companies will have to resort to layoffs because they are “all financially struggling,” according to the Financial Times. So even as European politicians say that they’d like to focus on renewable energy, there will be no growth in this sector this year. None. 

That is because wind doesn’t work when there is no wind and can only ever be a supplemental form of energy. There is no math that would allow wind to power the world we have. Solar: same, no matter how much we want it. 

Meanwhile, the EU is trying to force member states to purchase oil and gas in groups, which would further handicap countries that are already struggling with gas supplies. Countries are bidding each other up to buy the oil that is not sanctioned and the EU wants to force them to cooperate. The block admits that this will not lower prices any time soon. 

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