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🚨 Tumbleweed – February 07 2024


Happy Wednesday.

People are triggered that former President Trump keeps using the word “lover” when talking about the affair scandal of the Georgia prosecutor that has charged him with election interference. Come on! Valentine's Day is upon us. Where is the love? 

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In Case You Missed It. 

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡± Former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera died on Tuesday in a helicopter accident. 

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡³ Senegal’s parliament voted to delay the presidential election until December, a move that sparked protests. The West African block and United Nations are asking the country to reverse this decision. 

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden says that it will close its investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage and disclose a major development soon. 

🏈 ESPN, Fox and Warner Brothers announced an upcoming sports streaming service. 

πŸ—³οΈ A court ruled that former President Trump is not immune from charges related to overturning the 2020 election. 

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί The European Union canceled an anti-pesticide proposal in response to farmer protests. 

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Lead: Congress Votes "No" on More Money to Israel and Ukraine

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The House of Representatives voted against a bill to provide aid to Israel. This was proposed by House Speaker Mike Johnson who opposed aid to Ukraine but not to Israel. 

The bill would send $17.6 billion in military assistance to Israel, a country which has a budget surplus over $200 billion. The bill’s defeat is somewhat surprising but we should not think it means that the U.S. won’t get money to Israel for its war against Gaza. They will find a way. 

Democrats rejected the bill because they want it to include aid to Ukraine. Republicans rejected the bill for the same reason. They also want more money for border security. 

President Biden on Tuesday said that the only reason the southern border is not secure is because of former “President Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.” Does he know that Donald Trump is not in office and that he is in fact the president? 

Tucker Goes to Moscow, CNN Meltsdown

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Tucker Carlson confirmed that he will be publishing an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the interview will be published uncensored on X, per a promise from Elon Musk. 

In his announcement, he points out how the West has not been able to hear about this war from both sides and that we should be able to hear everything about a war that is destroying lives and economies. How could anyone refute that, I thought to myself upon watching this. And then the media proceeded to surprise me once again with their creativity to promote ignorance. 

CNN’s Erin Burnett said that Putin courting the MAGA GOP by meeting with Carlson. Why exactly would he care to do that when Russia is winning the war against Ukraine, even with the crappy weapons the West sends? She doesn't say. 

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour said that Carlson is not the only journalist trying to interview President Putin. She says that she’s been asking for years. 

This interview stands to be a biggie. That goes without saying. Will it help break down the lie that the war in Ukraine is “unprovoked” and based on the “whim of a madman” that is Putin? It very well could. But it will also show transparently who is for diversity of thought and who is afraid of it.

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My Brain Is Swelling… Is That Okay? 

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The FDA has approved a drug that they say slows the progression of Alzheimer’s. But it carries a high risk of brain swelling, severe headaches, strokes and “tiny bleeds.” 

The drug is called lecanemab, sold under the brand name Leqembi. The drug maker said that people who took it in clinical trials “declined 27% more slowly.” So it does not cure Alzheimer’s. It slows it down but it could also be dangerous. The drug maker says that it is especially dangerous for people on blood thinners. 

Would you take that risk? 

The FDA wants to add this drug to Medicare programs so that the government will cover the $26,500-year drug.  

What's Trending?

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Gina Carano is trending because she is suing Disney and Lucas Films for firing her from The Mandalorian for her political views, which it is clear that they did do.

Toby Keith is trending because the country music star died on Monday of stomach cancer. 

Holly Valance is trending. She is an Australian actress who rarely speaks about politics but when asked about her political views she said this: “I would say that everyone starts off as a leftie and then wakes up at some point after you start either making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to buy a home, and then realize what crap ideas they all are. And then you go to the right.”

News By The Numbers

14%. That is how many registered voters in Nevada turned up for the presidential primary on Tuesday. That’s not good. President Biden won with 89% of the Democratic votes. President Trump won the Nevada primary and he wasn't even on the ballot. 

90%. That is how much the European Union suggests cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 in order to keep up with the Paris Climate Accords. Why? Because the Paris Climate Accords set an arbitrary 2°C goal without any research on the matter and is imposing it on global economies that’s why.

2. That is how many votes saved Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas from impeachment in the House of Representatives. The vote came to 214-216. 

Turning Climate Fear Up to 11

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new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences proposes a sixth category for hurricanes and typhoons because of global warming. Currently category 5 is the biggest storm we've got but researchers say that we need a category 6 because “it could raise awareness about the perils of the increased risk of major TCs due to global warming." 

So basically, they’re just doing this to scare you.

The study says that “the risk of category 6 storms is presently near but not zero.” They do have a “high degree of confidence” that a storm of that size will be “different from zero.” 

Even the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change do not predict storms with winds above 173 miles per hour as a regularly occurring cautionary tale. So why would we spend time worrying about winds above 192 mph? Just to raise awareness. Or to scare you. Even the Associated Press seems to see through this, although below their sensational headline: “Several experts told The Associated Press they don’t think another category is necessary. They said it could even give the wrong signal to the public because it’s based on wind speed, while water is by far the deadliest killer in hurricanes.” 

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