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🚨 Ugg! – January 25 2024


Happy Thursday.

A nude artist is suing the Museum of Modern Art because they did not stop patrons from groping him while he was standing nude for 75 minutes at a time. 

In Case You Missed It

🇦🇺 Australia is bracing for Tropical Cyclone Kirrily, which has been upgraded to a category three storm. 

🏊🏻‍♂️ A new study suggests that cold water swimming may reduce symptoms of menopause. 

🐧 Airport traffic was delayed by a penguin on the tarmac in New Zealand earlier this month. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ California has so many homeless people that they are finding them in caves.

🚜 Farmer protests are catching on throughout Europe in Germany, France, Lithuania, Poland and more. The media is mistakenly calling these “far right.”  They're absolutely not far right.

🏦 Bank of America is warning employees to come back to the office by sending them “letters of education.” 

🏫 Five elite universities settled a $104.5 million lawsuit over price-fixing financial aid packages for students. 

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The Lead: Shooting Civilians

credit: itv

The U.S. State Department refused to condemn the shooting of a civilian who was holding a white flag in Gaza, much like they refused to condemn the Israeli killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was targeted and killed by the IDF in 2022. The photo above was taken moments before the man holding the white flag was shot dead by Israeli snipers. You can watch the video here

When asked if the U.S. would support an investigation into these deaths, the State Department again demurred. Similarly, the U.S. did not demand an investigation into the of Abu Akleh until it was pressured to do so. The U.K. government said Israel itself should carry out an investigation. 

Clearly no investigation on this will happen during the war in Gaza. There were reports of a possible ceasefire negotiation but Israel says that is not in the cards. According to

“‘Reports of an agreement in principle to a ceasefire are not correct. There are very large gaps, and there is no advancement in talks,’ an Israeli official told Ynet on Wednesday. According to The Times of Israel, several other Israeli news outlets quoted Israeli officials who called the reports of breakthroughs in talks ‘fake.’”

The United Nations has condemned attacks on hospitals in Gaza earlier this week. The International Court of Justice will issue a decision on Friday in South Africa’s case against Israel over alleged genocide in Gaza. It could order Israel to announce a ceasefire but it does not mean Israel would comply. 

Grocery Prices On The Rise… Again!

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U.K. Preps for War With Russia

u.k. General Sir Patrick sanders credit: telegraph

Citizens in the United Kingdom must prepare for a draft, according to military officials. The head of the army said that Britain should “train and equip” a “citizen Army” in preparation for a war with Russia. 

The British Army is facing the same dwindling military as the United States. General Sir Patrick Sanders said the Army will fall to just 72,500 soldiers by 2025 but they would need 120,000 to go to war with Russia. 

The General also said he’d like to see military spending increase and he’d like to see the nation coalesce around “taking preparatory steps to enable us to place our societies on a war footing when needed are now not really desirable, but essential.” 

Or they could work to avoid a war with Russia? Just a thought. 

News By The Numbers

credit: uggs

$419. That is the price of the new Ultra Tall Uggs that people are saying look like candy corn or a urine chart. 

Five months. That is how far along a trans-identified person was found to be pregnant when she turned up for sex change surgery in Italy. The doctors had already removed her breasts and canceled the hysterectomy and took the patient off cross-sex hormones in order to save the baby. 

4.2. That is the magnitude of an earthquake that happened in California on Wednesday. 

38. That is how many shows the Doobie Brothers will perform on The 2024 Tour. Tickets go on sale on Friday. 

The W.H.O. Goes Into Panic Mode 

giphy.gifcredit: who

The World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty may be falling apart at the seems. The head of the WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that he is worried about lack of progress, which he blames on “a torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories”.

Or could it be because the pandemic treaty is a horrific power grab by an organization that failed miserably during the Covid-19 pandemic and failed to protect basic human rights during the Ebola pandemic in Congo.

We’ve been over this at length. The pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to surveil populations, instate vaccine mandates, instate lockdowns, declare “infodemics” and change homes, businesses and land use if it declares anything to be a pandemic risk. 

The treaty is expected to be voted on this May but governments around the world are facing backlash from their citizens. Concerns are not stemmed from “fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories.” They are based on rational thought. 

Now Your Garden Is Killing The Earth

giphy.gifcredit: twitter

new study suggests that urban gardens have a higher carbon footprint than “conventionally grown produce.” 

Researchers define urban gardens as “the practice of farming within the confines of a city.” Like shared garden beds and apartment-grown herbs. It concludes that “food produced through urban agriculture emitted 0.42 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents per serving, six times higher than the 0.07 kg CO2e per serving of conventionally grown produce.” 

The output came from the materials that were used to make the garden infrastructure like garden beds. 

This is such a silly study. Climate researchers have by no means concluded that carbon output drives climate change. The researchers also conclude that pesticides and fertilizers help make conventional gardens more green. Come on now. Leave home gardeners alone. 

What's Trending?

credit: ign

Enshrouded is trending because the game will be released today and has earned rave reviews from gaming experts. 

Boeing is trending because another plane malfunction happened this week. The nose wheel of a Delta flight popped off and rolled away as the plane was lining up for take off. What is happening with all these part malfunctions on airplanes?

Jon Stewart is trending because he will return to host The Daily Show on Mondays only, starting February 12. 

This video is trending of Hillary Clinton trying and failing to dance the Macarena in Seville, Spain. It's not the first time she was caught unable to Macarena sadly. 


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