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🚨 Veto – February 21 2024


Happy Wednesday.

A Chinese medicine expert breaks down how often people of certain ages should be having sex in order to ward off disease. How do you stack up? Kindly don’t hit reply and tell us!

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇬🇧 The U.K. conducted a failed nuclear missile test on Tuesday. This is the second fail in eight years.

🇷🇺 A Russian watchdog group has added Lindsey Graham to its list of terrorists and extremists.

🐴 This horse made it out safe after having a jaunt along I-95 in Philadelphia on Tuesday morning.

🇮🇷 Iran says that Israel has attacked its gas pipelines.

🇺🇦 Ukraine has reportedly struck training grounds for Russian military and killed at least 65 soldiers.

🇮🇳 Indian farmers are protesting the government’s unfulfilled promises, despite being targeted by pellet guns by police.

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Lead: U.S. Okays More Bombing in Gaza

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The United States vetoed a UN Security Council call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Again. The U.S. was the only member to vote against this but the U.K. abstained.

Prince William did not abstain for calling for a ceasefire. Royals are not supposed to opine about politics but his royal highness went out on a limb and released a statement saying “too many have been killed” in the conflict. He called for more humanitarian aid, the release of hostages and “an end to the fighting as soon as possible.”

An Israel spokesperson said this in response: “Israelis of course want to see an end to the fighting as soon as possible and that will be possible once the 134 hostages are released and once the Hamas terror army threatening to repeat the October 7 atrocities is dismantled.”

In other words: No.

The U.S. says that it is drafting its own UN Security Council resolution to call for a ceasefire but, as Antiwar puts it, “the US warning is meaningless since the Biden administration is not considering imposing any consequences on Israel if it invades Rafah and is still providing unconditional military support.”

It Pays To Be an Illegal Immigrant in the U.S. 

nyc mayor eric adams credit: zuma press

In New York City, migrants are being offered $10,000 debit cards with no ID check, no restrictions and no fraud control. What could go wrong? 

This means that New York City taxpayers, some of the highest taxed people in the world, will be paying to hand out money for free to migrants. As the New York Post puts it, “This debit card program — if you read the actual contract — has the potential to become an open-ended, multibillion-dollar Bermuda Triangle of disappearing, untraceable cash, used for any purpose.

The Post says: “When The Post exposed the mayor’s debit card program earlier this month, the mayor’s office spun it as a money-saving program, to solve a problem: Migrants staying in hotels don’t eat all their food.”

So, they’ll buy New York City food at retail prices? What guarantee is there that they’ll eat all of that?

There are so many problems with this program, it is almost too many to count.

The bank that is providing these credit cards is making $53 million in fees. That does not include the money that the city will then put as a credit on these cards!

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Election Chaos in Pakistan

shehbaz sharif named new prime minister credit: x

Shehbaz Sharif has been named Prime Minister in Pakistan as his party has organized a government, despite the fact that many believe that the elections were illegitimate.

In early hours of the election, candidates backed by the former prime minister Imran Khan’s party appeared to be leading by a margin of more than 70,000 votes. Overnight, results showed that they all lost and Pakistanis were crying foul.

But their cries have not been heard. The proclaimed winning party is moving forward to take power.

Khan remains in jail on a corruption charges. Had his party won, they would have been able to free him but as of now, that will not happen.

What’s Trending?

credit: tiffanyfong

Sam Bankman-Fried is trending because of this image of him in prison.

Julian Assange is trending because what could be his final appeal for extradition is happening this week. Free Julian Assange NOW!

Borderlands is trending because of newly released images of a movie based on the video game.

News By The Numbers

$35 billion. That is how much Capital One will pay to buy Discover.

28%. That is how many people report being more sleepy in virtual meetings than in-person meetings, according to a new study.

60%. That is how much Lockheed Martin will increase production of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) by the end of the year in order to send them to Ukraine…so that Ukraine can continue to fire them on civilians like they did yesterday.

Fluoride is Poisoning Americans


Is fluoride in the water bad for us? Oh yes it is and the U.S. government knows that it is and they’ve been forced to admit it in a landmark lawsuit in California.

A group of defendants sued the EPA alleging that “fluoridation at levels occurring throughout the country presents an unreasonable risk of injury to health under the Toxic Substances Control Act.” The case has dragged on for years as the government conducted research on the matter and it turns out that the government censored reports showing that fluoride exposure is associated with lower IQ in children.

This is a major case and it could result in a judge ruling that fluoride is a neurotoxin and lead to its removal from American water! And yet, Canada and the United Kingdom are considering adding it to their water supplies. Why would they do that?

We interviewed journalist Derrick Broze who has been following this acutely on The Conscious Resistance. Watch that interview here!

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