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🚨 War Games – February 27 2024


Happy Tuesday

The U.K. has reclassified Disney’s 1964 movie Mary Poppins from a U rating (universal) to a PG because of “discriminatory language.” In the film, Admiral Boom uses the word “Hottentots” not once but twice. This was a derogatory word that Europeans once used for South African nomadic groups. The U.K. is really tackling the most important issues facing civilization. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🗳️ Republican Party leader Ronna McDaniel will step down

🇷🇺 Russia will temporarily ban gas exports starting March 1. 

🇿🇦 South Africa says that 25 countries are currently waiting to join BRICS.

🇩🇰 Denmark has ended its investigation into the Nord Stream Pipeline bombing. They say that the bombing was deliberate but they can’t do anything about it. 

🚨 The New York Times admits that the CIA helped build 12 secret spy bases in Ukraine along the border.

🇮🇱 Israeli police used water cannons on protestors who are demanding peace negotiations from the Netanyahu government. 

📺 Catch Redacted live tonight at 4 PM EST right here. Last night's livestream was blocked by YouTube because of our coverage of Egypt and Gaza. You can still watch it here on Rumble














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Lead: NATO Ready to Deploy Troops to Ukraine

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NATO countries are warning that NATO troops could be heading to Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron said that this possibility “could not be ruled out.” 

But Ukraine is not a member of NATO so why would NATO do this? 

“We will do everything needed so Russia cannot win the war,” Macron said. 

This comes as Sweden received its final approval to join NATO. One has to wonder how the Swedish people feel about joining an alliance that is on the brink of war when they were not previously on the brink of war. Congratulations? 

Michael von der Schulenburg, former UN Assistant Secretary-General, wrote recently that the West is already in breach of the UN Charter of its military support of Ukraine by not supporting peace deals. The same could be said of the West's refusal to enforce peace agreements in Israel. Do these rules mean anything if no one is willing to abide by them? 

Vaccine Mandates Ruled Unconstitutional Down Under

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The Supreme Court in Australia ruled that vaccine mandates were unconstitutional. The judge ruled that the December 2021 mandates were unlawful under the Human Rights Act and banned the government from further enforcing them. 

This comes as nurses in Queensland are still being fired for refusing the vaccine even after the mandates were lifted. These nurses are continuing to litigate and this new ruling gives their cases more teeth. They have been told that they are being let go based on no mandates in place but the nurses can request their jobs back.

Australian politician Pauline Hanson put forward a bill to prevent vaccine mandates during the pandemic and her colleagues refused to support her. She said this about the court ruling this week: “You all got it wrong! I am vindicated once again that I got things right and I’m in tune with the Australian people.” The video is worth watching. She’s so pissed that she’s positively shaking. 

Australian government agencies are about to be hit with a slew of litigation over this! 

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Ukraine: Nalvanly Died of A Blood Clot After All 

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Ukraine says that its intelligence confirmed that Alexei Navalny did indeed die of a blood clot, as reported by the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. 

This contradicts the West’s cries of foul play and their attempt to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Biden took it so seriously that he held a rare live press conference

Navalny is often positioned as Putin’s main enemy but that is not true. The media repeats many unconfirmed things about Navalny to take shots at Russia. And in fact Navalny was not a healthy man, which was easy to see from the blood work published by The Lancet after his alleged poisoning in 2020. 

But for him to have died now is too coincidental.

This raises suspicion that the British or some other Western-backed power may have had a hand in this, as was asserted last week by Gilbert Doctorow on Redacted. It's fishy, right? Will the West actually investigate if fingers point to an ally? 

Speaking of assassinations, a man has reportedly been arrested in Moscow for a failed assassination attempt on journalist Tucker Carlson. The man says in a video that he was offered $4,000 from Ukraine to plant a car bomb to target Carlson in a parking garage. The Gateway Pundit says that these reports are unconfirmed.

Your Opinion Could Be "Disinformation" 

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The U.S.-based Global Engagement Center (GEC) wants to distinguish between "plain old opinions" and disinformation and will lead a coalition to "counter disinformation" with Canada and the U.K. You would think that after the 2023 Twitter Files exposed that the GEC propagates disinformation, those governments would not want to work with the GEC. Or is that exactly why those governments want to work with the GEC? 

Last year, journalist Matt Taibbi showed in one round of Twitter files that the GEC made false claims about Russia, China and Iran being responsible for Covid misinformation claims. In another round, he showed that the GEC made lists of users that they asked Twitter to de-platform based on false accusations of state actors for Russia, China or Iran.

The GEC says that they want to respect free speech but….James Rubin, the special envoy for the GEC said this: ”We want to promote more fact-based information, but at the same time find ways to label those information operations that are generated by the Chinese government or the Kremlin but to which they don’t admit.” 

Yet the GEC failed miserably at that over the last four years so why would we let them keep going? 

Not surprisingly, when The Guardian covered this new coalition, it did not mention these past failings from the Twitter Files. Funny, right? 

News By The Numbers

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£108.50. That is how much it costs to buy a 10-ounce silver George Michael coin from the British Royal Mint. The collection was unveiled on Monday. 

$57,000. That is how much the price of Bitcoin hit this week, a 27-month high. 

47%. That is how many Democrats want to kick President Biden off of the Presidential ticket, according to a recent Rasmussen poll. So why don’t they vote him out on the primaries then!?

What's Trending?

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Alcohol-induced dementia is trending because Wendy Williams’ son says that she has that. 

Monica Lewinsky is trending because she is in this new ad campaign for both a fashion brand and

Eric Clapton is trending because his ex-wife Pattie Boyd is auctioning off love letters that she received from both Clapton and George Harrison while the three were in a famous love triangle. She says that Clapton is fine with it although, having just read snippets, I highly doubt that. That felt inappropriate.  


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