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🚨 Whiskey Break – August 19 2022


Happy Friday.

A two year old was bitten by a snake in the lip so she bit it back. The snake did not live to tell. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

⚖️ A judge in Florida ruled that the affidavit supporting the raid on former President Trump’s home will be unsealed with at least some parts redacted.

🐟 Some towns in China are testing fish for Covid. 

💉 The U.S. says that an omicron booster should be available in “a few short weeks.” 

🍕 Pizza Hut will start using rice flour to make pizza in Japan because grain is so expensive. 














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The Lead: 9/11 Victims Fund

kabul afghanistan credit: getty

Families of 9/11 victims are asking President Biden to return the money that the U.S. government is holding from Afghanistan to Afghanistan. 

Last year when the Taliban took over the government of Afghanistan, the Biden administration froze $7 billion in assets that were in the hands of U.S. banks. This money belonged to the Afghan government but the U.S. government didn’t want them to have it. 

In February the Biden administration said that it would take that $7 billion and split it. The plan is to give Afghanistan back $3.5 billion of its own money and keep the other half to give to victims of 9/11. 

This money did not initially belong to the Taliban. It belonged to the Afghan government and it includes gold and bonds and other funds that the government had saved up from humanitarian aid since the U.S. invaded over 20 years ago. This money was what experts call Afghanistan’s rainy day fund. 

Children are starving in Afghanistan. The United Nations says that more than 1.1 million children under the age of 5 will face “the most severe form of malnutrition this year.” 

This is why 77 families sent a letter saying that it would be “morally wrong” to take this money. They request that President Biden reverse his executive order and send the money to “the Afghanistan central bank funds [for] the Afghan people and the Afghan people alone.”

Trump vs. Government

credit: nytimes

The Justice Department has issued a subpoena to the National Archives asking for all documentation involving former President Trump and his allies in the lead-up to the January 6 Capitol riot. This is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT issue from the raid on the former President’s home two weeks ago. 

That January 6 congressional hearings, we all know, were toothless. They had no ability to punish anyone. But the Justice Department does. Many times this is what these congressional hearings are for: to bring information out into the open so that the Justice Department can act on it. 

Usually this is more for show than anything because the Justice Department investigates these things independently. But in this case, it seems that the committee did bring up things the Justice Department hasn’t seen yet. So they want their own copies. 

The department has requested “all materials, in whatever form” that the National Archives gave to the Jan. 6 House committee, including Trump’s daily schedule, phone logs, and a draft speech written before the riot. 

As for the investigation over Trump’s classified documents and the raid on his home, the former president is considering releasing footage from the raid that he took on his own private security cameras. 

Meanwhile, the media is also trying to get its hands on the affidavit that was filed in support of the raid. The Justice Department really does not want this and has filed a motion against this. President Trump’s legal team has not said if it will get involved in this fight. 

And in a totally separate legal matter involving former President Trump, Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization has pled guilty to tax violations in the Manhattan District Attorney’s case against him and the Trump Organization. 

As part of the plea, he will agree to testify at the trial against the Trump organization and in exchange for that, he will receive 5 months in prison plus be forced to pay nearly $2 million in taxes. This trial is set for October. 

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For Relaxing Times, Make It Suntory Time

credit: everett Collection

Japan is asking young people to drink more. The national tax agency launched a “Sake Viva!” campaign to boost the alcohol industry. 

The tax agency says that new habits formed during the pandemic plus an aging population has led to a decline in alcohol sales. You would think that they would chalk that up to being a good thing and leave it alone because alcohol is one of the most harmful substances that the human body can injest. But this isn’t about health. It’s about money obviously so… Ichi…ni… san… sake bomb!

Lock Up Your Cats

credit: giphy

Are cats getting a bad rap as predators? In some cities around the world, it is now the law to keep your cats inside to keep them from killing birds. 

Melbourne, Australia and Walldorf, Germany have laws that ban cats from going outside because they are known to kill birds and mammals. It’s true, cats kill as many as 27 million birds per year in the U.K. alone. 

But cats are not the biggest predator of birds and mammals and many cats thrive on their freedom to go outdoors. Do we have to punish them for what they do instinctually? 

Beware placing the blame on cats! According to author Skye Alexander, “During the Burning Times, cats were thought to be witches’ familiars and zealots destroyed them by the thousands. It’s theorized by some that the Black Plague, which devastated Europe’s human population in the fourteenth century, resulted in part because the rat population increased and spread disease once their natural predators were eliminated.” 

Do we really want to allow the rat population to go unchecked?? 

News By The Numbers

5.9%. That is how much U.S. home sales dropped in July, the sixth straight drop for this metric in a row. 

$800 million. That is how much more aid the Biden Administration is preparing to send to Ukraine, according to some reports.

$55 million. That is how much Lowe’s will pay out in employee bonuses to help its workforce deal with inflation. 

What's Trending?

giphy.gifcredit: getty

Brain Steltzer is trending on news that he has been fired at CNN. His show 'Reliable Sources' was also canceled. 

Tevin Campbell is trending because the 90s R&B singer opened up about being gay.

Martin Short is trending because of an appearance on The Tonight Show.

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