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🚨 Who’s the Boss? – November 16 2023


Happy Thursday.

The Union of European Football Associations revealed the official ball for next year’s European Championship. It is called the Fussballliebe. The ball will have technology that will help referees make calls during video reviews. My son will want one for Christmas. 

credit: uefa

In Case You Missed It. 

🐴 The FBI dug up two horse farms in New York looking for bodies buried by the Gambino crime family. 

🇬🇧 Newly appointed U.K. foreign secretary David Cameron visited Ukraine to pledge support for “however long it takes.” 

🇪🇸 Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is expected to win a second term. 

🥤 New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued Pepsi over plastic pollution. 

🧪 Researchers say that low sperm count could be associated with pesticide exposure. 

🏛️ The U.S. Congress has passed a spending bill to delay a government shutdown through at least 2024. The President is expected to sign it. 

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The Lead: Don't Call It A "Ceasefire" Let's Call it a "Pause"

credit: reuters

The United Nations adopted a resolution for a “humanitarian pause.” This comes after weeks of failing to vote for any measure of peace. 

It doesn’t really matter because Israel does not have to abide by this vote. It only matters in that countries have gone on record to call for a pause on the brutal retaliation for the barbaric Hamas attacks on October 7 in Tel Aviv.

Western leaders are starting to dip their toe into being critical of Israel’s response which has killed many thousands of innocent people. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken out about the attack on a hospital in Gaza saying that the “killing of women, of children, of babies” must stop. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded that it is not Israel’s fault that Hamas is “doing everything to keep them in harm’s way.”  

Israel continues to insist that it attacked the hospital because it was used as a Hamas military center. They released these videos and photos showing weaponry they reportedly found there but there is no evidence of any underground tunnel system. 

In the U.K., 56 Labour Party lawmakers voted against their party line to call for a ceasefire. In the U.S., a group of 24 lawmakers have also crossed party lines to call for the same. The party line meaning unequivocal support of Israel. 

U.S. spokesperson John Kirby said that the U.S. did not “give an OK to the military operations around the hospital.” 

Letter to America Goes Viral… 21 Years Later


A letter from Osama Bin Laden has been deleted after it caused an entire generation to have an existential crisis. 

The letter was published by The Guardian in 2002. They deleted in on Wednesday after it went viral on TikTok. It was also deleted from Scribd and many other places. Watch a short compilation of TikTokers responding to it here. The letter is incredibly hard to find now that it's gone viral. I was able to find a copy here

Two things are important to notice about this. One, the media is trying to hide this in order to perpetuate the government narrative that terrorism is unprovoked and an irrational hatred of anything Western. It is not. Terrorism is a response to the endless bloodshed and terror the West has imposed abroad. 

The second thing is that people young and old are willing to question their unwitting participation in provoking terror. That sentence alone made me break into tears. 

Some media are dismissing this letter as antisemitic and indeed, it can be perceived thus. It is anti-Zionist to be sure. It is anti many things that are Western such as the separation of church and state and protection of gay rights. We are NOT endorsing these things with this discussion, nor do we endorse Bin Laden’s rationale of responding to violence with violence on innocent American civilians. But we ignore it at our own peril. It predicted the war in Israel and if we jettison the letter for those reasons, we miss our own complicity in the endless wars on terror that bring more terror to our shores. 

Yes, young people! Welcome to your awakening! The war on terror has only created more terror and we are the generation that can stop it by demanding peace and an end to hegemony. We don’t want to “win” this way! We want to “win” on the merits of our achievements not bullying. Yes, let’s go!

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The W.H.O.'s History of Rape

credit: who

The World Health Organization will pay $250 to each woman in Congo that was sexually assaulted by its staff during the Ebola outbreak. Forgive me but that is not the amount a Western woman would have received in a sexual assault settlement. 

The WHO investigated itself over claims that its staff sexually abused or exploited at least 104 women during a mission to Congo during an Ebola outbreak between 2018 and 2020. They sent WHO Director Gaya Gamhewage to investigate and ended up offering a this paltry amount on the rationale that it “covers typical living expenses for less than four months in a country where, the WHO documents noted, many people survive on less than $2.15 a day.”

The Associated Press points out, “That amount per victim is less than a single day’s expenses for some U.N. officials working in the Congolese capital — and $19 more than what Gamhewage received per day during her three-day visit — according to internal documents obtained by The Associated Press.” 

The women could not even easily claim that amount. They first had to go through training courses to help them start “income-generating activities.” Oh my goodness, I’m FUMING! THIS is the organization that is about to receive global pandemic powers!? 

What's Trending?

credit: fortnite

Lewis Hamilton is trending because F1 races will be held in Las Vegas this weekend and there is a new Fortnite skin based on the F1 driver. 

Madame Web is trending because Sony released a trailer for an upcoming Spider-verse movie with a female lead called Madame Web played by Dakota Johnson. It's based on an obscure Spidey ally from the comic books. 

Pedro Pascal is trending on speculation that he may play Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming Fantastic Four film.

News By The Numbers

72. That is how old Tony Danza is and yet he is still a topic of discussion for looking like this with his shirt off! That is what you call a Silver Fox. 

68%. That is how many Americans support a ceasefire in Gaza, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll. 

5.69 million. That is how many marriages were registered in China in the first three quarters of this year. At that rate, China is hoping to end its 9-year decline in marriage rates. The divorce rate is also declining. 

"I'd like to introduce my friend… the dictator"

credit: x

President Biden met with Chinese President Xi Xinping in San Francisco on Wednesday. Did it mend fences? Well…

The Chinese President said hopeful things to a group of American businesspeople. He said that China is very interested in investing in investing in the U.S. He also said that he hopes to “welcome 50,000 young Americans over the next five years on exchange and study programs."

“I am convinced that once open, the door of China-US relations cannot be shut again. Once started, the cause of the China-US friendship cannot be derailed,” he said. 

President Xi was received with high ceremony by California Governor Gavin Newsom and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. It was fitting for one of the country’s most important creditors. But then President Biden went and opened his mouth.

His microphone was cut as he made a “joke” and then he called the Chinese President a dictator in the immediate aftermath of the meeting, prompting the Chinese Foreign Ministry to call the American President "irresponsible." Pot. Kettle. Black. 

Still, the U.S. and China have resolved to “communicate” better about military intentions so maybe all this war-with-China rhetoric can cool for a bit! 


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