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Not Passing Gas

The European Union is ditching its plan to ban gas-powered cars by 2035 and the U.K. may do the same for its planned 2030 deadline.

The E.U. voted to allow the continued sale of gas-powered cars if they run on synthetic fuel, which they are now colloquially calling “e-fuel.” Don’t fall for that as a marketing tactic. Synthetic fuels are not proven to be more sustainable. In some cases, they’ve been proven to have more carbon emissions.

This bait-and-switch is an admission that electric vehicles just will not cut it if we don’t want an all-out shut down of modern society.

Also, e-fuel is expensive. The Telegraph points out that this “will initially benefit high-end carmakers whose customers will not be put off by the costs involved.”

Some say that the price of e-fuel will go down by the time these rules roll out to the public but that is optimism at this point, not based on any economic modeling.

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