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Now Digital Blackface is a Thing

If you are not black, you should not share memes of black people, according to new woke rules of online engagement. If you have done this, you may be guilty of digital blackface. I guess we just did that 👆above.

Digital blackface is when you share a meme of a black person and you are not black, thus appropriating something funny that does not belong to you, so the explanation goes. Because, as one writer explains it, you are not posting these things in the spirit of shared sentiment. No. Instead, you are trying to “embody blackness” and if you’re not black, you shouldn’t do that.

Many users responded to CNN’s reporting of this with memes of black people and Elon Musk gave a 100% to a user telling CNN to STFU.

So just in case you’re keeping track of what is wokefully acceptable: Digital blackface or real life blackface? No. Woman-face? A-okay. Got it.

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