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Out With The Old, In With The New

LGBTQIA+ is out. 2STNBGD is in. This is the way that a new report from the Canadian organization called Representative for Children and Youth suggests we refer to these groups.

What is 2STNBGD? It stands for two-spirit, transgender, non-binary and other gender-diverse children and youth. The report calls for fast-tracked “gender-affirming care” for youths that fall under this initialism.

Of course, this reports links “hate speech” with limited access to non-tested medical procedures like breast and genital removal and dangerous hormones. It comes from Canadian broadcaster CBS News.

Another new bit of language you should be aware of: “bonus hole” is another word for vagina, according to a cervical cancer society in the UK. The society which promotes cervical health seems to be mocking the very genitals they care for in the name of supporting trans ideology. A “bonus hole” is defined as: “An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use.”

Nope to that word! Next!

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