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Pentagon’s Psychological Operations

new round of Twitter files proves that the Pentagon uses social media to run psychological operations, or PsyOps. This means that they create fake Twitter accounts and pretend to be foreign actors and use those accounts to sew discord in foreign countries.

This was reported by the Washington Post in September based on a study by Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory. After that reporting, the Pentagon admitted that it did this and in fact, some of the fake accounts that came from the study were proven to have been created by the U.S. government in this round of Twitter files.

How complicit was Twitter in all of this? Very. They were notified of government-run fakes and gave those accounts verification and whitelisting, meaning that they could trend without being flagged or punished. In one instance, Twitter counsel says that Facebook has created a SCIF, or a safe room to discuss these fake accounts with the governments. Facebook you say??? Would they care to comment on this? They have been loudly silent throughout all of this.

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