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Rand Corporation Lost Some Documents

Some very curious documents leaked from the Rand Corporation seem to indicate that the United States anticipated dragging Europe into a conflict with Russia on purpose. Curious indeed!

Rand is supposedly a non-partisan think tank but it is decidedly pro-Western. The document in question would also suggest that it is left-leaning since the report was prepared for the White House, the Department of State, the CIA, the NSA and the Democratic National Committee. This was published in January of 2022, before the conflict in Ukraine began.

The leaked report says that it would be advantageous if Germany gets involved in a war with Russia that weakens its economy by way of economic sanctions. It says that reducing German access to energy will lead to its demise and that Germany would “fall into this trap” by way of the “green parties and ideology.” The report estimates that this could cost Germany 200-300 billion euros and deliver a “devastating blow to the German economy” as well as “the entire EU economy” which would “inevitably collapse.”

Is this what the U.S. wants?? To win by weakening others with geopolitics? If these documents are authentic and indicative of some bigger plan, it is certainly a troubling prospect.

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