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Snow White and The Woke Dwarfs

Disney may be going back to the drawing board after images from its upcoming Snow White movie caused backlash.

The Seven Dwarves have been cast as seven people of various heights, races and genders. Snow White is not white at all but Latina. Snow White is a German fairytale but Disney is taking creative liberty.

This may be because actor Peter Dinklage called the Disney movie “fucking backwards” for planning to cast dwarfs. Disney responded that they would take a “different approach” so they cast…this lot.

Disney at first said that those images weren’t real and then later admitted that they were but they do not represent the official cast.

The thing is: some fairytales have to exist as cultural relics. As a middle aged woman, I don’t love the idea of youth and beauty versus the embittered aging Queen but this is the story. Either tell it or don’t.

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