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The Chicken and The Egg

Could the chicken and egg crisis be related to Covid treatments?? This is a crazy story and we’re going to present you with some news and let you connect the dots. We’re not saying these things are related but we’re not NOT saying that either.

In 2021, some studies showed that egg yolk antibodies could act as a neutralizing agent against Covid. Similar research was done at UC Davis last year. Researchers immunized hens with Covid vaccines and then used the yolk of their eggs and found that they produced protective antibodies that could prevent illness in humans.

And all the while, the eggs are disappearing. Two weeks ago, we presented you with all manner of videos about homestead chickens not producing eggs and now this: a major fire broke out at Hillandale Farms, which bills itself as one of the country’s top egg producers, raising over 20 million chickens for eggs. This fire killed around 100,000 chickens.

So…. we have chickens not laying eggs, egg prices surging, egg factories with mysterious fires and egg yokes as a possible Covid curative. Could these be connected? We don’t want to lead to conclusions but… a lot of broken eggs here, if you know what I mean!

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