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The Cover-Up in Syria

A chemical watchdog group says that Syria did use chemical weapons on civilians in 2018 in Douma. This was the event that prompted the U.K. to join the U.S. and France in bombing Syria.

This comes from a group called the OPCW, or Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The media has jumped on this story as proof that Syria is Russian-aligned in attacks on civilians. What they have left out is the fact that many whistleblowers from inside the OPCW have accused the OPCW of a cover-up. Journalist Aaron Mate details here just how far the media is bending over backward to ignore this cover-up.

Internal memos from the OPCW suggest that the chemical weapons canisters “were likely placed at the site of the incident, suggesting an inside job from American-allied forces.” In fact, according to those who bothered to look, “senior OPCW officials reportedly ordered the removal of ‘all traces’ of dissenting opinion from the published document.”

So why is the media jumping with both feet on the report from the OPCW without any acknowledgment of the cover-up? If they could discredit the report, they’d surely be happy to but instead they just ignore it. Can you say false flag?


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