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The FBI Raid Visit to Biden’s Home


The Justice Department searched President Biden’s home and found more classified documents on Friday. The media is careful not to call this an “FBI raid,” which was done to President Trump. Instead it was a “Justice Department search” done after the President’s team “offered…agents full access to the property.”

The search lasted 12 hours and covered all “working, living and storage spaces in the home,” according to the President’s lawyers. Six items were taken including some items from the President’s term in the Senate.

The Justice Department only confirmed that “the FBI executed a planned, consensual search of the president’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Two weeks ago, the President’s legal team swore that they’d found all there is to find so why does this keep popping up? Is this a part of a conspiracy to oust the President or proof that world leaders just sometimes have classified documents on accident?

There is already a special counsel investigation looking into this matter for both President Biden and former President Trump.





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