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The Pfizer Edition

new round of Twitter files shows that Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer director, former FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor, pressured Twitter to remove information that might negatively influence public perception of the Covid vaccine.

First of all, one person should not be all of those things: a Pfizer director, FDA commissioner and CNBC contributor. Those roles inherently conflict but alas, Gottlieb is those things. New documents show that he objected to a August, 2021 Tweet from a fellow doctor that suggested that natural immunity after a Covid infection was superior to the immunity provided by the vaccine, which has been proven in several large studies. Still, Gottlieb acted on this Tweet, asking Twitter to flag it because he saw it as “corrosive” and worried that it might end up generating news coverage. Twitter flagged the tweet with a “misleading” tag.

The next week, Gottlieb flagged another Tweet about the low mortality rate in children from Covid. Not ironically, the Pfizer vaccine was approved for children shortly after.

These documents show a pattern of Pfizer shutting down debate through its influence and connections. Should CBNC still allow Gottlieb air time after this clear manipulation based on personal interests?

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