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The Pressure of Peace

It seems that not all G20 countries want to keep up the war in Ukraine. This weekend, the G20 leaders met in India and both Eastern and Western countries called the event a success for very different reasons.

Western leaders failed to pass a resolution to condemn Russia. Namely, the U.S. and Germany. They still called the event a success because they collectively agreed that nuclear weapons are a bad thing. The U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen denies that the G20 was watering down its position on Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended and also said that the event was a success because there was no  “Ukrainianization” of the summit. By this, we assume he means an uncritical declaration of support for Ukraine.

Ukraine was not happy about this clearly. Russian President Zelensky spoke via video at the last G20 but he was not invited to do so this year. An advisor to Zelensky said that more international arrest warrants are needed to prevent public appearances by “subjects like Lavrov.”

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