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The War in Ukraine

Russia is preparing for a major Ukrainian and NATO assault on the newly-Russian-recognized regions of the Donbas. In preparation, Russian President Putin instated martial law in those four regions.

This means that they are trying to evacuate citizens but will use any person or property in the area if necessary if they need it, with compensation. They will also monitor group activity and mobile communication and have banned transmitter radios. It’s as serious as it sounds.

Turning off the spigot

Meanwhile, Republicans in the U.S. have signaled that if they win a majority in Congress next month, they will slow down or eliminate the aid to Ukraine. A Ukrainian official told the Financial Times that they are “shocked” by this. Ukraine needs an unlimited supply of resources if it is going to continue to refuse peace agreements, which is exactly what an advisor to Ukraine’s army told CNN. Ukraine wants to take back both the Donbas and Crimea and will continue to rebuff Russia’s peace talk invitation and many lives will be lost in that pursuit. Peace talks now!

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