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They Want Annual Boosters

The U.S. is moving towards annual Covid boosters, much like the flu shot. The White House says that this is the best way to prevent “fatigue with repeat inoculations.”

Yes, fatigue. So tedious.

This comes just days after the U.S. rolled out the omicron-targeted Covid booster. Given how often the public has been asked to get boosted and how low booster adoption is, the White House is positioning this latest version as the one we’re using this flu season. It’s just this year’s. Next year, expect another.

Does that mean that we won’t hear much about Covid boosters in the spring and summer? Perhaps but the White House says that elderly and immunocompromised people may need more frequent boosters.

The current omicron boosters will be available for appointments soon but clinical trials are just getting underway. The FDA allowed the manufacturers to skip that part this time around but they will get around to it at the same time as patients are offered the vaccine.

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