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Trans Fakers

new report in England shows that some male prisoners pretend to be transgendered in order to be transferred into women’s prisoners. You don’t say!?

The report further says that men who were “jailed for sexual offences are twice as likely to identify as trans women than men jailed for other types of offences.” Meaning that the men who are moved into women’s spaces are sexual offenders.

“Participants described how the fakers were a threat both to the reputation of prisoners who were transitioning gender, but also a threat to the limited resources that were available to them in custody.,” said the report’s author Sarah Firth, a forensic psychologist with the prison service.

Prisoners who had fully transitioned even felt that many men being moved into the women’s prison were “fakers.”

New rules in the U.K. no longer allow biological men to self identify into women’s prisons.

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