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You’d think that a convicted kidnapper and attempted murderer MAY not be your best spokesperson for a movement, right? Well, that is what happened in London at this weekend’s Trans Pride event and now some people are understandably concerned.

Sarah Jane Baker is a trans activist who took to the stage on Saturday and advocated for punching TERFs in “in the f*cking face.”

Terf is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” It mostly means women who exclude men from their groups.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan supported the Trans event but later said that “violence is never acceptable.”

In 2017, a woman named Maria MacLachlan was assaulted by a trans person, a biological male who came to a rally like this. Before leaving for the rally, her assailant said on Facebook: “I wanna f*ck up some terfs. They’re no better than fascists.”

That case went to court and even though she won the case and the defendant was found guilty, the judge reprimanded MacLachlan for not referring to her assailant as “she.” The judge also denied her financial compensation because she would not use female pronouns for the male person who had punched her in the face.

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