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Trump a Flight Risk?

Former President Donald Trump says that the FBI took his passport when they raided his home last week. So is he a flight risk?

The former president has not been charged with a crime and passports were not listed in the receipt of documents that was released by the Justice Department. Were they tucked into a box by accident? Also, FBI agents cannot claim someone is a flight risk. A judge has to do that. This was not in the search warrant either so what is going on here?

Media companies are trying to seek out more information regarding the search warrant, including a sworn affidavit that made the case that a surprise search was necessary. The Justice Department says that they will oppose this because it could alter the investigation and harm those involved. Trump himself has also called for this affidavit to be released but that will be up to a judge. Also without his passport his upcoming trip to Ireland is in doubt.

Meanwhile, the FBI is on high alert as offices around the country are receiving an increasing number of threats and are warning employees to be on the lookout for “violent threats.”

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