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U.S. Pushes Bill for Ukraine Victory

new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would declare that it is U.S. policy for Ukraine to be victorious over Russia. U.S. policy for an outcome in a foreign war. Why would politicians do this?

They would do this so that there is no more question of whether or not to send money and weapons. It would have to be done if it were U.S. policy.

And yet victory seems to be eluding the Ukrainian army. The spring counteroffensive that they promised has yet to happen and no ground has been gained from Russian control. In fact, much of the territory they are fighting for now belongs to Russia because the people of that region voted for that reality.

Britain, meanwhile, has admitted to sending depleted uranium to Ukraine. An MP confirmed this but said that “the British military would not attempt to track where the weapons are used.” No need!

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