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Ukraine Denied NATO Membership

Ukrainian President Zelensky made a big show of signing an application to NATO on Friday as Ukraine lost 15% of its landmass to Russia after the Donbass region voted to join Russia. The problem is, that application will probably be lost in the mail.

NATO supports Ukraine up to a point. The organization does not really seem keen to let them “in” though. On Sunday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the best way to support Ukraine is not by letting them join NATO but rather by sending them more weapons. A country already at war is not typically accepted. Plus, all 30 members must vote to approve a new member and that is also very unlikely.

Nine NATO members said nice words about Ukraine but said that they stood behind a 2008 decision to put their application on the backburner. Sweden and Finland were fast-tracked for NATO membership, spurred on by the conflict in Ukraine.

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