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What Is The CDC Hiding?

The CDC has refused information requests pertaining to adverse effects of the Covid vaccine.

The VAERS system is a database for tracking the adverse effects of a vaccine. The CDC has admitted that there are three VAERS teams tracking the following types of adverse vaccine reactions: heart inflammation, blood clotting, and other. Watchdog groups want to know who leads those teams so that they can request communications between those people to see if any funny business goes on when tracking these reactions but the CDC is saying: Nope.

The CDC wasn’t the first to track heart inflammation as a side effect of the vaccine. The Pentagon was. Watchdog groups want to know why this is. Did the CDC not observe these things before the Pentagon? Did they purposely suppress them?

The CDC says that it wants to protect employees’ privacy, which is a valid concern. But CDC employees are listed on their website. Is there a way to hand over internal communication with team names redacted? This would help bolster some public confidence, which the CDC is sorely lacking.

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