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What’s Black and White and Banned All Over?

Major newspapers all rushed to announce that they are removing the Dilbert cartoons from their pages because of controversial comments from Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

This brings up an uncomfortable question: Is it okay to be white and is it okay to dislike whiteness? This is what Adams was speaking about. He was asked to respond to a survey in which Black people disagreed or were not sure about the statement “It’s OK to be white.” He said that this constituted a hate group and that white people should “get the hell away” from people who feel that way.”

Is this dangerous to say? Yes. Is he trolling? Possibly. Is there something in there to think about for all of us? Absolutely yes. If his intention is to say that no race-based discrimination is okay, even towards white people, then is there a way to say that?

He also makes another uncomfortable point: neighborhoods and schools with a majority Black population are not thriving. Should we be able to discuss this without canceling people?

Adams may be using this controversy to catapult himself into a political career. He will make some sort of announcement about this on Monday.

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