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Where’s The Beef?

Trump rival Leticia James is now going after the beef industry. The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against JBS Foods, the world’s largest beef producer for “misleading the public about its environmental impact. JBS USA has claimed that it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, despite documented plans to increase production, and therefore increase its carbon footprint.”

A lot of companies say that they are going to be carbon neutral and most of them will fail to meet those targets. Is that “greenwashing” fraud?

The lawsuit claims that beef production accounts for 14.5% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. That is a global average. Because the U.S. has experienced and efficient beef producers, greenhouse gas emissions from beef in the U.S. is responsible for approximately 2.2% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. This figure comes from the EPA’s own reports. Does the AG’s office not know that?

The lawsuit claims that greenhouse gas emissions results in global warming and climate change.  No one has proven that yet. Human-led climate change has yet to be proven, even with IPCC United Nations climate models that are trying to prove it.

New York Post columnist Betsy McCaughey says that this lawsuit is frivolous and that it will scare businesses out of the state of New York.

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