Who’s Buying This?

The latest trend for celebs and fitness buffs: an at-home ice bath called Monk. According to the Financial Times:

“Monk aims to stand out both for its price — relatively affordable at £4,995 — and its focus on aesthetics, its design with a sleek, faux-concrete shell more like a high-end spa than a gadget from a sports medicine lab. It’s this combination that Monk’s founder, London-based Laura Fullerton, hopes will set her start-up apart from those rivals.”

Sorry, £5,000 is affordable? It is compared to competitor models called the Dreampod, Renu and Morozko Force that can cost up to $19,000! Who can afford that, especially in this economy? Celebrities, that’s who. Some celebs who swear by ice baths: Harry Styles, Gweneth Paltrow, LeBron James and Jack Dorsey.

Many cultures tout the benefits of a cold plunge as an endorphins reset but all I can think of when I look at this is the added expense on the electricity bill for something you can achieve by running a cold bath or jumping in a cold pool or ocean.

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