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Wow, Here’s A Crazy Story For You

Should you use a woman’s body as a surrogate if she is in a permanent vegetative state? This is what is called “whole body gestational donation,” and it’s a thing. Yes really.

It is not currently being done but it has been proposed in the Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics Journal by a Norwegian philosophy professor Anna Smajdor.

Smajdor says that using an unconscious woman could be done to make babies for people who either “wish to have children but cannot, or prefer not to, gestate.” She argues that if we are willing to accept organ donations, why not this?

Some thinkers have argued why not this. For example, a Christian group makes this case:  “Also at work here is a widespread embrace of expressive individualism which cultivates the idea that whatever someone desires should determine reality. If we want children, we deserve them. Any barrier to obtaining them—moral, biological, or circumstantial—is an injustice to be overcome.”

Is that an idea worth entertaining? These are important philosophies to be discussed. As of now, science cannot do this without your consent. Will there be a day that changes in this age of increasing transhumanism?

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