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A Political Revolution in Germany

A new political party in Germany would end net-zero policies and aid to Ukraine but “appeal to culturally conservative and economically left-wing voters.”

What does that mean? It means that the “extreme right” and “extreme left” labels have been weaponized to an unrecognizable level and we need to start again. When farmers protesting government policy are called “extreme right wing,” you know we’ve jumped the shark with nomenclature.

In Germany, politician Sahra Wagenknecht launched a party called BSW and will test its strength at European elections this July.

This comes as parties that the media calls “far right” have been gaining in the polls in France, Portugal and beyond while the left-leaning leaders in Europe fall like flies.

It does seem that Europe is done with progressive politics that tank economies. Protests in Germany continue this week with what protestors are calling a “week of action.” Watch our on-the-ground coverage here. Now Poland is joining Germany in protesting their government amid freezing temperatures.

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