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A Red Wave Just Hit Europe

Leftist European politicians lost big in elections on Sunday. The media will tell you that this is a surge of far-right support but is it really so “far” to vote against politicians that put Europeans last?

In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s party did so poorly that the President announced that he would dissolve parliament and call for snap elections in the coming weeks. He says that he is worried about the “rise of nationalists” and that “France needs a clear majority in serenity and harmony.” He has not proven himself to be the guy to bring that for his country. He wants war. He’s proven that unequivocally.

In Belgium, Prime Minister Alexander de Croo resigned in tears after his party lost terribly.

In the Netherlands, the party of right-wing Geert Wilders gained enough seats to be the second-largest party. This is the party that supports the farmers rather than attacks them as the Netherlands has done.

In Austria, Germany and Spain, right-wing parties also gained seats in parliament as a backlash to the people-last leadership that Europe has had in the last decade. A more rational read would call this a centrist move not a “far-right” move.

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