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A Small Victory for Farmers

The farmers of Europe have been heard and the European Commission has made changes to proposed changes in response to massive protests throughout the block. However, the EU’s plan is still to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2040.

Recent protests began in the Netherlands and spread to Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and other EU countries. U.K. countries have also joined in to show solidarity because EU plans were disproportionately aimed at farmers and the food industry. Now the EU says that “all sectors” will need to contribute to this effort.

The EU withdrew its plan to eliminate half of all pesticides by 2040. The new plan also removes recommendations for citizens to change their behaviors such as eating less meat and pushing to end fossil fuel subsidies.

This is a non-binding proposal that the EU has instated to keep in line with the Paris Climate Accords.

Has this move appeased the protesters? Doubtful. In Spain, police used tear gas to dispel the farmers who are not appeased by the EU’s plan.

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