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African Illegals Aliens Swarm NYC Hall

More than 1,300 African illegal aliens swarmed City Hall in New York City to protest. What were they protesting? False promises, they say.

The Illegal aliens say that they were promised work visas and green cards if they showed up to the U.S. but instead they’ve been stuck in shelters with no work. According to the NY Post, the immigrants were “mostly made up of new arrivals from Guinea.”

The illegal aliens showed up to a hearing at City Hall that was aimed at understanding how Mayor Adams’ administration “is addressing language access barriers, cultural competency challenges, health needs, and other roadblocks.” Apparently it isn’t because African migrants say that aid workers only speak Spanish or English and they are left with no recourse.

Who promised these aid that doesn’t exist? Social media apparently. A representative for African Communities Together said that the lack of aid has some aliens sleeping in subways, desperate for food.

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