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Alabama’s Sex Change Battle

Transgender Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Dr. Rachel Levine was pulled into a lawsuit over Alabama’s ban on sex changes and hormones for children. The Justice Department tried to block this and they lost.

Why would the Justice Department want to leave this marquis trans-identified person out of such a big argument? Could it be because he has pushed unscientific treatments for children and said that doctors should be advocates for these dangerous procedures? Could it be that Levine has long-since known that the medical research does not support these procedures?

An Alabama law outlaws the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries for minors because those procedures are dangerous medical experimentations. The Justice Department joined a lawsuit to challenge this law and the Attorney General Steve Marshall requested Levine’s emails to make the case that he “is one of the primary voices in the federal government — and relevantly in the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department — who is advocating for sex changes in children with gender dysphoria.”

The Justice Department tried to protect Levine and instead offer Levine’s former subordinate and a FOIA response with unrelated search terms. The court saw right through that and ruled that Levine is on the hook for this one. Does that mean we will see what basis the government is using to advocate for experimentation on children in the name of ideology?

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