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All The Boosters You Can Get

Why did the Biden administration recommend 6 Covid booster shots per year last year? It turns out even they don’t know.

Last year Health Secretary Xavier Becerra said that Americans should get Covid boosters every two months. A watchdog group called he Functional Government Initiative (FGI) filed a Freedom of Information request to find out how those guidelines were developed and the government did not comply with the request. So they sued.

This week, during litigation, an official in the Department of Health and Human Services admitted that they could not find any reason for that recommendation in a review of over 1,263 pages of evidence.

A spokesperson for FGI said this about this case: “It is tremendously irresponsible for the government’s chief health official to fire off tweets recommending frequent injections of a new vaccine booster apparently based on no academic or scientific support. How can the public be assured that the agency is ‘following the science’ on other important public health matters when it demonstrates such clear disregard for basic scientific integrity standards on an issue as important as COVID vaccine shots?”

Last November, Vice President Kamala Harris said on Twitter that one Covid shot per year would provide enough protection from Covid-19. There is no evidence for that either. Not even Pfizer’s own studies even looked into the duration of immunity.

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