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Americans Don’t Want Electric Cars

Thousands of car dealerships are begging President Biden to “tap the breaks” on electric vehicle mandates. In a letter to the president, close to 4,000 dealers have asked the administration to repeal regulations that push electric vehicle adoption.

Why? Because consumers aren’t buying them. A representative for these dealerships told CNBC that dealerships are backed up with EVs on their lots that they simply can’t sell.

“We’re now backed up to 12 months with EVs. Consumers don’t want them. They’re not buying them,” said Tom Maoli from Celebrity Motor Cars. “We have up to $15,000 in rebates from the manufacturer and $7,500 tax credits. We’re talking $22,500.”

The letter addresses the fact that EV batteries are not domestically sourced and not affordable. The U.S. could source the lithium needed for these batteries domestically but environmental litigation has sent that business overseas.

“The consumer is in fear of the infrastructure,” Maoli said. Meaning they are worried about where to charge their car and how to service the vehicles when servicing EVs is more expensive than service for gas-powered gars. “The White House got way over its skiis with this mandate.”

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